The A-Z of Gold Coast Startups and Digital Business

For the past 4 years, the Gold Coast Innovation Hub and our collaborative partners have worked to increase the city’s reputation as Australia’s leading city for startups and digital business as well as an ideal launchpad for international export.  We have developed a range of programs and support services for local businesses and work with government to report and share the growth and success of startups and digital businesses that have launched and established headquarters in this city. 

The A-Z of Gold Coast Startups and Digital Business is an ever growing list of the many innovative companies utilising technology and online channels to grow from the Gold Coast.  


Activikey. With over 25 million Aussies not engaging in physical activity, and obesity rates at an all time high, it’s time to encourage and motivate people to move more often and engage with the fitness industry. People are living busy lives, with unpredictable schedules, and competing priorities with no flexibility when it comes to using gyms and fitness classes. ActiviKey connects Aussie’s to local, flexible and convenient fitness activities, facilities and providers in one free, easy to use platform.  No memberships, no lock in contracts. Fitness Access; Anytime, Anywhere.

Anonyome Labs. Anonyome Labs was created to give people control and freedom over their personal and private information. The company believes that people should be able to determine how, what, and with whom they share their personal details and build the tools necessary to empower their brand partners’ users and end consumers with the necessary capabilities to protect and control their digital information. Anonyome Labs puts control back into users’ hands through mobile and desktop applications.

AustechVR. Austechvr are Augmented and Virtual Reality specialists that provide services in and around Fan/Community engagement and attraction. We are integtating Augmented Reality into current campaigns, using digital assets that have been created and also creating new assets to bring things like books, brochures, events, buildings through to cities to life with Augmented Reality. We have also been working in the Automotive space and have developed a method to bring flawless physics to vehicles of all types in not only Virtual Reality but also other Digital Platforms. Virtual Reality training for elite sporting teams and programs are also an area in which we are active in.

Autologous Stem Cell Technologies.  ASCT specializes in the manufacture and conversion services of peripheral blood into Autologous Multi-Lineage Potential Cells (AMPC) through proprietary technology.  The proprietary technology enables a swift turnaround time; between 3~4 days, peripheral blood can be converted into AMPC.  This entire conversion process is conducted within a closed system environment and does not utilize any animal components, cell expansion techniques or genetic engineering.

Autoguru. AutoGuru, combinines high-tech smarts with down-to-earth service, to connect customers and automotive service providers, like never before. We’ve made booking auto services online, as easy as booking a hotel or flight.


Barrana.  Barrana accelerates business growth through intelligent software technology solutions with a focus on customer happiness. We provide services to businesses of all sizes in addition to some of the largest companies in the world.

Bean Ninjas. Bean Ninjas is an online Xero bookkeeping services & financial reporting company that specialises in keeping  financials up to date, freeing small business owners to do more great work in and away from their business.

BenchOn.    BenchOn is a Global Resource and Supply Platform that is revolutionising and streamlining the way organisations collaborate with their contingent resource and supply chain partners. The platform digitises your business network, linking you into a National Network of companies from all industries and locations, to instantly match supply and demand for Contingent Project Resourcing and Supply Chain tenders and requests.

Bill Cutters. Australian Bill Cutters provides a 100% FREE service to residential and business customers, Australia wide to help them find the best electricity and gas deal on the market today.

Bits Technology Group. BITS Technology Group is a multi-award winning managed IT services provider and consultancy operating from our head office in Varsity Lakes, Gold Coast. Since establishing in late 2009, we have expanded to offices in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Auckland and work with clients in over 10 industries with over 250 sites.


Cake Equity. Cake Equity is on a mission to simplify the way startups and scaleups raise capital, manage shareholders and grow their business.

Carton Cloud. CartonCloud is an easy-to-use 3PL (TMS) transport management system and (WMS) warehouse management system with automation technology to transform the logistics industry to become more efficient and move to paperless systems to reduce administration tasks immensely. With sign-on glass technology for proof of deliveries and laser scan technology to pick and pack in the warehouse all from a smartphone device. You can log in online any time and see up-to-date logistics data – from anywhere on Mac, PC, tablet or mobile.

Cinefly. Cinefly is a media-tech company specialising in user-generated video content. Their mobile based platform lets you co-create video content with anyone, anytime and anywhere around the world. Cinefly products transform users into extraordinary storytellers.

Cloud Assess.  Cloud Assess is the leading online assessment platform for RTOs, Schools and Enterprises.     It makes assessment really easy to do well. Super flexible, sustainable and efficiency driving, Cloud Assess supports your focus on the student experience.   Created by and for the Vocational Education and Training sector, it is built with the #1 purpose of keeping your assessments compliant with a range of features that directly assist with compliance obligations.   Access a range of features including Authoring, Mapping, Workflow, and Evidence.

Crockd.    Crockd is a hands-on art therapy brand designed to help millennials get out of their head and into their hands.     Crockd    use DIY Pottery kits to stimulate the effects of art therapy at home.

Cytrack. Formed in 1995, CyTrack is a software company that improves services, increases productivity and saves costs for businesses worldwide through effective interaction & communication technology. CyTrack enables smarter engagement and collaboration with your customers via their contact centre solutions, unified communications, business intelligence reporting and business process automation & integration technology.


Data Detectors.  Data Detectors mission is to maximise the chances of a successful data recovery while offering the best customer service experience. Data Detect understands the value of their client’s data and the importance of successful data retrieval. The first attempt at data recovery is often the best opportunity for a successful one. Data Detectors’ hard drive recovery engineers perform their data recovery services in a certified Class100 clean environment to optimize hard drive data recovery success rates. Their hard drive data recovery process is secure and they make use of the latest tools and technology. Data Detector’s  hard drive data recovery services include desktop data recovery, laptop data recovery, removable media data recovery, raid data recovery, nas data recovery, san data recovery, iPod/iPhone & MP3 Player data recovery and digital camera data recovery.

Datarwe.  Datarwe is a data-driven technology company that provides an acute care medical research data platform as a service. Data from real de-identified Intensive Care episodes is collected by the platform and enriched to be research-ready. The platform enables clinicians and medical researchers to more rapidly collaborate in the development and delivery of trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) clinical diagnostic tools and technologies direct to the patient bedside. Datarwe is established as a public-private partnership with members including Amazon Web Services, KJR, and TechConnect.

Digital Junkies. At Digital Junkies, we can help create an entire digital ecosystem for your business. We can also implement and maintain a predictable lead source for growth, now and into the future.


Eat to Live.   Eat to live makes healthy eating easy, tasty and affordable. Eat To Live we aims to help you make healthy, smart and convenient choices when it comes to snacks and light meals and the versatility of what you can have on our buckwheat cakes is endless!

Eggy. Life admin includes all the day-to-day administrative chores that are necessary for people, families & households to function in today’s society. It includes paying bills, making appointments, doing personal banking, managing documents & communicating with service providers. Eggy is the simple, smart & secure platform, where all life admin info lives and all life admin transactions take place. Eggy transforms the archaic, fragmented, static life admin environment into a digitised, centralised, working form and creates hyperefficiencies for both consumers & enterprise.

Ethni.    Ethni is a Gold Coast based business that believes every young woman should have the power to shape her own future and be her own hero. At Ethni, they create spaces where young women can come together to build cross-cultural connections, embrace their stories, navigate their lives and create change in their communities together. 

Eyecatcha Promotions.    Looking for fun, targeted on trend promotional products to promote your business? Attending an expo? Needing branded uniforms? Eyecatcha Promotions have over 22 years experience in enthusiastically helping people just like you to get your brand on promo gear that will get you some “stick” with your clients.


Farm2Market.  An online grocery shopping platform that makes selling products easier for farmers and grocers who might not be able to attend a farmers market. The ability to buy groceries online also benefits customers, allowing them to enjoy the highest quality produce and enjoy fresh fruit and veg delivery.  Feel good knowing that the money spent on your purchases goes into the pockets of local vendors and supports the continued production of fresh local produce. 

Financr. Financr is a first of its kind marketplace where banks compete for you. We bring you multiple offers from several providers, helping you find the best deal on your loans.


GeoMe. The GeoMe platform boosts sales and enhances customer satisfaction and loyalty by enabling coordinated communication between businesses and customers that is geo-augmented, context-aware, on-demand, and direct. The GeoMe DriveThru solution provides the Virutal Drive-Thru (Curbside Pickup) technology for businesses while our GeoMe Business solution enables real-time on-demand geo-tracking for businesses and services such as ambulances, road side assistance, product delivery, on-site services, etc. 

Gifting Owl. Gifting Owl is a one stop shop for gifting and booking thousands of activities around the world. Whether you’re ticking off a bucket list item, looking for the perfect experience gift for a loved one, or just trying to find something exciting to do this weekend, Gifting Owl’s innovative integration software allows you to browse activity providers and purchase gift vouchers or book dates using live calendar technology.

Gilmour Space. Gilmour Space is a venture-backed Australian rocket company developing new capabilities for launching small satellites to space. Founded by two brothers in 2013, this Queensland startup is now one of Australia’s leading space companies pioneering new and innovative hybrid propulsion technologies that will offer lower cost access to space.

Grace Loves Lace. Designed for the woman of style, substance and passion, Grace Loves Lace specialises in beautiful, luxurious and effortlessly feminine gowns for the modern bride. GLL are the designers of “The Most Pinned Wedding Gown on Pinterest”. Since launching in 2011, GLL have gained cult status for our spirited and innovative approach to bridal. All for the woman seeking a gown made with soul, authenticity and sophisticated charm.

Greenhorn. Greenhorn connects university students with local entrepreneurs to target their unique problems. We believe you should be able to focus more on what you love and less on what you don’t: without breaking the bank.

Guerrilla. When a brand connects with people in an inspiring and compelling way, the result is epic. So, at Guerrilla, they make it their business to facilitate these connections. At Guerrilla, they tap into emotional motivators and deliver personalised data-driven experiences that move people. Their goal is to create fully-connected, loyal customers through superior brand encounters. Guerrilla knows that inspiring and compelling experiences connect people to brands while delivering results — which is why they do it!


HiSmile. Hismile is an international Teeth Whitening and Smile Care company founded in 2014. Its hero product, the HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, claims to help users achieve at least two shades whiter, bolstered by a 30 day money-back guarantee.  The Gold Coast business has over 1.2 million followers on Instagram, but what is more impressive is its ever expanding global reach.

Holoverse. Holoverse the world’s first Hologram Entertainment studio. Enjoy an exciting holographic experience in the world’s first holographic theme park located on the Gold Coast. In a hologram room you will pet animals made of light, play in holographic water with the turtles, jump down holes, fly over the Gold Coast, smash rocks, walk through solid walls, visit the planets in the Solar System or become a farmer in our holographic cartoon world: Veggie Patch Valley. Holoverse also have the world’s first holographic game where you are going to fight monsters that will come jumping out of the wall and become holograms in the real world. Holoverse is fun for the whole family and has many holographic attractions to choose from! 

Home Guardian. exists to make better than humanly possible care for those who need it most, available to everyone, anywhere in the world. Through world first, patented artificial intelligence-driven care assistance devices, they allow people to live independently for longer, provide care providers with the best incident detection technology in the world and save lives.

House of Eden. House of Eden Studio is a Social Enterprise dedicated to helping good businesses become extraordinary in their own right. House of Eden provides a variety of marketing growth tools at all stages of purpose-led business. They then reinvest, providing early stage startups with the marketing knowledge to lead the next generation of good business to the forefront of their industry. 

I A web platform that allows users to explore dynamic data visualisations of misinformation and its spread across interconnected networks. Our mission is to equip the world’s population with access to machine learning analytics and data visualizations to assist in eradicating the conditions that have allowed misinformation of news and events to thrive up until now.

Immense. Transport is a fundamental ‘need’ being disrupted by new technologies, business models, and behaviour changes. Decision-making is slow, expensive and based on limited data, meaning the benefits cannot be realised. The Immense platform enables you to rapidly test the important strategic and operational decisions for global transportation in the digital world – taking away the risk of expensive assumptions and sunk costs.

Indirectory. Indirectory is a Gold Coast based startup revolutionising wholesale networking. A B2B double-sided networking platform, we connect retailer buyers to compatible product brands using a ‘freemium’ business model.  We are solving the problem of this industry’s reliance on expensive trade shows and agents by cutting out the middleman.  Our vision is a world where all product brands and retail stores are meaningfully connected, saving people money and time while reducing waste and boosting the economy.

IntelliHQ. IntelliHealthQueensland is a not for profit organisation committed to the establishment and support of an innovation environment/hub designed to promote research, investment, and commercialisation of next generation technologies within AI and machine learning and concentrated on the health sector.

ion-My.      The ionMy platform is designed to give you integrated, evidence based Governance, Risk Management and Compliance, including Accreditation and Human Resources with embedded Quality Improvement.   The platform is both integrated and modular, with all parts working seamlessly together and fully scalable, from the smallest facility to the largest chain; from the most affordable basic functionality to the most demanding enterprise needs.

Ivvy.  iVvy is a leading (SaaS) technology provider disrupting the MICE industry by delivering Event Management, Venue Management and Distribution Solutions to the meetings, incentives, conventions and events market whilst providing a platform for real-time search, book and pay functionality for event organisers and consumers.


JB Security.    JB Security specialises in the istallation and servicing of intruder alarm systems, CCTV camera systems, back to base monitoring, access control and video/audio intercom systems. JB Security has severy you need to ensure the safety of your family, employees and investments. JB Security accommodates to both commerical and residential properties. 


Kynd. The simple way to find and book #NDIS support, because the right support changes everything.


Legal Logix. Legal Logix have automated the new client onboarding service for legal firms in a variety of areas including personal injury and family law. The solution allows law practices to convert more clients and confidently scale their practice using AI driven technology.

Literacy Planet. LiteracyPlanet is an online literacy resource for students in K-9+. The program has thousands of interactive exercises that are aligned to key Curriculums around the world.   LiteracyPlanet is now more flexible to use with a new student-guided mode, a structured adventure-style learning path for students with comprehensive and engaging content. Teachers can now choose from student-guided, teacher-guided or a combination of both and be as hands-off or hands-on with their teaching approach using this program.   LiteracyPlanet is fun and motivating for learners, endorsed by educators around the world and is proven to improve literacy learning outcomes.

Little Phil. Little Phil is a platform and charity aggregator which leverages social sharing and applies blockchain technology to enable transparency, efficiency and accountability not otherwise possible. People will be able to handily find a cause which they care about and give small amounts of money, which they can track and watch reach their intended destination so they experience the real joy of giving – which we call a Little Phil good moment. Typically the value proposition around giving is weak as people are guilted into giving and can’t see where their money is going, so Little Phil will radically transform the giving experience and allow charities to focus on what they’re great at.


Madtech.    Madtech   computers help business owners get their I.T under control. Madtech computers develop and help business implement technology solutions to combat problems such as network connectivity issues; cable installations; email stups; Office 365 setups and   so much more. Anything I.T related, Madtech computers can help!

Maralytics. Maralytics helps business owners make sure that every dollar they spend on advertising generates more revenue for the business. Maralytics shows you sales, profit and customer results – the only results that really matter in business, as they are directly linked to business performance and your cashflow.  Make decisions much easier, get more customers and sales, for the same or reduced investment, and have the most rewarding successful business you always dreamed you would have.

MeMedia. Imagine working with an Agency which treats your business likes it’s our very own. MeMedia specialise in partnering with your business, to plan and execute your entire marketing and development strategy. So that you have a dedicated team working on your business while you work in it.

Mobile Digital. SNIPERMobile is a mobile marketing SaaS platform giving businesses the power to take control of their customer engagement and unlock powerful
mobile customer journeys. From acquisition and promotions right through to sales conversion and accelerated mobile checkout, SNIPERMobile is the only mobile-centric marketing platform capable of delivering rich personalised, visuals and branded customer experiences at scale.

Mumaco Pty Ltd. Mumaco is a mobile application that safely connect families screened babysitters in their area for babysitting jobs.

Myriad Studios. Myriad Studios specialises in capturing environments, landscapes and structures using three dimensional LiDAR and photogrammetry, specifically for Film, Television and Gaming Industries. Based at Village Roadshow Studios, our customers include Marvel, Warner Bros. and Paramount Pictures.

MyTag. MyTag is all about finding and protecting the things you love. With a range of new IoT GPS Trackers with a massive 3 year battery life you can use your phone to:  Find your Keys and Valuables; Track & Protect your Car, Caravan, Boat or Trailer; Find and protect the people you love the most.  MyTag has be proudly helping Australians to find and protect the things they love since 2016


NewBook.   NewBook provides cutting-edge customer relationship and property management software to transform hospitality and tourism industry operations; delivering innovative tools to streamline processes and automate tasks.   Being a cloud solution, NewBook makes it easy for businesses to move online and broaden their sales avenues by allowing them to take bookings through their website, connect to third party sales channels and use other upselling tools and revenue generating activities.   NewBook has been at the forefront of innovation since the company was founded in 2010 and has developed several industry-first features. Whether it’s online booking solutions, 2 Way SMS and Email Inbox, Auto Upgrade and Stay Extensions, Paperless Check-In or CRM, NewBook offers a wide range of tools business need to increase efficiency, productivity and step up to the next level. 

Nimblex.    Nimblex is an Australian made and owned, highly flexible software platform made by eBMS Pty Ltd. We create business management solutions that fit your requirements, at a price you choose. Instead of writing code, we configure using drag and drop tools. We have also never lost a client due to user issues.

Nova Biomedical.    Nova Biomedical is a Biomedical Engineering Company providing planned maintenance, specialist testing and repair services for the healthcare industry. With over 25 years’ experience, Nova Biomedical’s reputation as a trusted service provider has been achieved by unsurpassable adherence to the relevant standards required by all medical industries. This is why we are quality certified to ISO9001:2008. Nova Biomedical was established with the vision to provide medical facilities with the highest standard of service unmatched by others, and confidence in knowing their medical equipment is in experienced hands

Noy Industries. Noy Industries is a global supplier and manufacturer in lethal, non-lethal ammunition and pyrotechnic systems.


Octadoc. Octadoc is an online software tool to help doctors GPs write consultation notes quickly and efficiently. 

Onix Group.   Onix Group is an   international IT agency. There mission is to establish reliable bridges in the field of IT Development worldwide.

OnPlatinum.    OnPlatinum is an award-winning Managed Service Provider who, since 2012, has grown its client base to over 600 clients with 5000 end-points across Australia.   OnPlatinum   services all capital cities from their  South East Queensland and Sydney bases.    OnPlatinum’s   High Tech. High Touch. ethos     means that they take the time to understand their clients’ unique business needs and apply their knowledge to proactively build the best solutions. Far from ‘set and forget’, the onPlatinum difference is built on developing long-term, collaborative relationships.   They are more than just a trusted advisor – they ‘re  your strategic partner!

Opmantek. Opmantek develops enterprise-class, multi award winning software that helps IT teams detect faults, review current and historical network performance.


Piptle. Piptle are the first fund management company in the world to tokenise any property that can create an income.  Piptle are focused on providing ongoing education for anyone who is interested in upskilling in areas such as blockchain and future technologies. They offer people the opportunity to learn how to become part of a new and disruptive way of building property wealth, funding businesses and creating new income opportunities for themselves. 

Pivotel.   Pivotel is Australian owned and operated with unrivalled expertise in remote communications, supporting more than 60,000 Australians and New Zealanders who travel or operate outside of mobile coverage. Pivotel is the only mobile carrier in Australia focused on mobile satellite services, providing reliable and secure satellite and cellular communication solutions. As a licensed carrier, Pivotel is fully compliant with all Australian and New Zealand regulatory obligations. Pivotel maintains a mobile carrier license and operates ground infrastructure in Australia, making it the fourth largest mobile carrier in the country. It is the only Australian carrier with direct connection to all four major mobile satellite networks: Iridium, Inmarsat, Thuraya and Globalstar. Pivotel is also a registered satellite service provider in New Zealand.

Powertec Telecommunications. Powertec is an Australian company that supplies telecommunications solutions to individuals and businesses around the world pioneering in the field of carrier grade, commercial communication products and solutions. Powertec distributes wi-fi products, 3G/4G routers, mobile phone repeaters & antennas, 3G/4G modems, mobile gateways and SMS gateways. Powertec Telecommunication solutions include: Wi-Fi and point to point wireless solutions; antennas; end-to-end IoT solutions; call cost reduction to save your business money on telecommunications cost; a complete mobile office so you can enjoy phone, fax and internet anywhere; SMS for your business; and enhancing your mobile reception.

Pragmatic Thinking. Pragmatic Thinking is a behavioural and motivational strategy company that combines the three elements of behaviour, motivation and design to create wicked programs, initiatives, and cultural shifts within organisations to assist in the relentless change of business environments.

PUML Better HealthToday our busy, time-poor, sedentary lives are leading to stress, anxiety and a lack of motivation to exercise. It’s easy to find an excuse not to do physical activity. PUML Better Health is here to give you the nudge to supercharge your motivation. Join a free challenge on the PUML app to start earning PUML Coins. Or create a corporate wellness program for your company.


Queenies. Queenies are a heated headband that allow people to style their hair easily. It’s heated in a microwave, you wind your hair around the band, wait for 30 minutes to create natural curls without the use of electric styling tools.


RealAR. See property plans as easy as physical spaces. Walkthrough layouts in Real size and Realtime using only a smartphone AI floorplan App Realar ™ Bring your new home to life.

Rely HQ. Rely is the world’s only intelligent assistant designed to automate essential tasks for Professional Education, CPE Points, PI Insurance and Professional License renewals.

Refactor. Refactor specialise in high quality, high value, Software and Hardware Development. With the experience and expertise to help you eliminate the ‘pain points’ in your business by applying the latest technologies and techniques, Refactor offer an established, productive software & hardware development team available for hire. 


Safe Site. Safesite is your free, easy-to-use digital safety solution for individuals and teams who want to collaborate, ditch paper, and improve safety. Get started with safety inspections, audits, and checklists by selecting from our template library. Then review your safety data and quantify team engagement in real-time with our powerful reporting and analytics dashboard. Over 4,000 companies trust the Safesite platform to streamline and ensure compliance activities, drive team safety engagement and empower every worker in their organization to be a safety champion.

Scale Innovations. Scale Innovations are your international scaling partner. Experienced founders with backgrounds in technology and innovation, our Gold Coast based team are a full service creative and commercial team that can deliver the vision, strategy, knowledge and connections your business needs to expand globally. develop sensors for a variety of different verticles. Their niche products all share similar characteristics; they are secluded and have limited access to power and networks. has the vision to create a more simple and easy integrated senors that use very little power and has smart connection abilities. 

Secure Stack. How secure are your cloud builds, how much control and governance do you have on those builds and what’s the associated risk? Cloud sprawl is a real problem for Enterprise and is exacerbated in multi-cloud environments. Multiple teams, using multiple stacks, spread across a large enterprise cloud and managed separately breeds complexity. That chaotic environment with its duplication increases your costs and risk. SecureStack fixes that. The SecureStack platform lets companies build secure infrastructure anywhere with our build once, deploy anywhere orchestration. Everything you build and manage with SecureStack will be hardened and secure out of the box. The intelligent automation manages security controls across your distributed infrastructure using rules and profiles you create. 

Sensor Guided Living. SGL is at the forefront of cutting edge pose detection technologies. Defined movement tracking on indoor physical activities and stimulation of the mind brings the outdoors in and has never been more desired or needed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Partnering with global health and fitness sectors and cultures from around the world SGL’s gamification features and design bring a new level of fun and entertainment to fitness and physical rehabilitation. is Australia’s leading platform for connecting anyone looking for local trades and service providers, to top quality, verified, small to medium-sized service businesses.  From home cleaning or handyman services, to plumbers, to painters and more, can instantly match you with the best trades and service providers Australia wide. With seamless technology to make sure you are matched to the perfect tradesperson for your job, is the easiest way to find and hire local trades and service providers. 

South Swell Studio. South Swell Studios are a digital transformation agency serving Australia and New Zealand. They provide digital marketing, design, and software (web and mobile) solutions for small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups. 

SportCor.  Sportcor enables the ability to make sports performance personal by combining the latest in advanced technologies and data analytics with traditional sports equipment. Movement data collected by sensors embedded into the sporting equipment can easily and efficiently deliver information such as speed, distance, force and spin directly to the players, coaches and fans. This new technology creates a engaging and educational platform taking sports engagement to a whole new level. 

Startup Apprentice. In a world that is rapidly evolving, how do we equip the next generation for careers that do not exist yet? For eight years Startup Apprentice has been  developing programs that help high school and tertiary students to develop creativity, adaptability, resilience, leadership, emotional intelligence, technical aptitude and curiosity – essential skills to cope with and thrive in the entrepreneurial post-industrial world.

Superdraft. The easiest and most affordable way to design, draft, and build. Superdraft is Australia’s most popular design and drafting solution. Superdraft is an award winning one stop shop for Design, Drafting, and Construction servicing all major cities of Australia. Superdraft specialises in new home designs, home additions and extensions, renovations, residential developments, commercial buildings and retail.  No project is too large or small and we provide a friendly service with competitive fees.

Surf Stitch. SurfStitch is an online retailer that is home to over 300 brands, including the big brands you`d expect and emerging boutique brands that represent a casual coastal and weekend inspired lifestyle! Our purpose is “to inspire you to live like it’s the weekend”. The SurfStitch headquarters are located in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast. 

SWISH.  SWISH is an acronym for Selling with Integrity and Selling Honestly. SWISH Sales Coaching are a multi-award-winning ethical online sales training & communication coaching organisation on a mission to create more authentic, relationship-driven and meaningful connections between consultants & prospects, business owners & employees and even friends & family.

Synnch. Synnch is an online platform designed to ensure all your R&D Tax Incentive claims comply with ATO and AusIndustry requirements. Keep accurate records of eligible R&D projects, activities and expenditure throughout the year, streamline claim preparation and maximise your claim amounts.


The Pitch Portal.     The Pitch Portal is an online investment marketplace that aims to connect business ideas and opportunities with those looking to trade professional services for equity or a negotiated payment arrangement. The online platform includes range of features designed to protect the service provider and ensure that services rendered are adequately remunerated. 

The Social Agency. The Social Agency is a  crowd-pleasing promotional service that specialises in using PR and social media marketing strategies to promote events, products, TV shows etc.   

Timely Law Tech. The TimelyLaw app is an evidence management and e-briefing solution that helps lawyers see critical file information within a click.  Dashboards can be customised for barristers, experts, cost auditors and transcribers to facilitate greater productivity and faster resolution of cases for law firms. 

 Triple Impact Advisory.  Triple Impact supports individuals, businesses, social enterprise and institutional investors to improve their sustainability & investment performance by offering a dynamic portfolio of sustainability consulting services.  Triple Impact combines customised advisory solutions with the ability to implement bold climate action worldwide. 


Upwire. Upwire is a cloud-based platform that enables users to build intelligent customer communication flows without the need for any code.   Upwire’s simple ‘drag-and-drop’ platform allows businesses to create smarter ways to communicate with customers from SMS, email and chat bots to IVRs with voice biometric authentication and more.

Urpla. Urpla is a productivity app designed specifically for town planners. Urpla app automates the research, collaboration, assessment, information and task management, and formatting to generate complete development permit applications, so you can focus on being the professional town planner that you are – rather than a word-processing keyboard warrior!


Varian. Varian Medical Systems, Inc., headquartered globally in Palo Alto, California, is the world’s leading manufacturer of medical devices and software for treating cancer and other medical conditions with radiotherapy, radiosurgery, proton therapy, and brachytherapy. The company supplies informatics software for managing comprehensive cancer clinics, radiotherapy centers and medical oncology practices.

Virtech. Virtech brings market leading business technology solutions, both locally and cloud-based, in a hybrid IT environment across a wide range of industries throughout Asia Pacific and globally. With a headquarters on. the Gold Coast, Virtech has offices in Australia, US and UK, as well as data centres, configuration and warehousing facilities in operation globally.

Virtual Psychologist. Australia’s first text counselling service delivered by qualified mental health professionals. We offer a select range of text based psychological and counselling support services to individuals and those in the corporate, rural and remote settings. We are a team of innovative qualified mental health and technology professionals who have one goal in mind and that is to make mental health services and coaching more accessible to those in need.

Virtual Manager.  Virtual Manager is a software company that develops innovative software platforms for businesses to resolve issues such as employee mismanagement, task delegation, labor inefficiencies and asset theft/misplacement. Their software applications ensure that employers are completely compliant within their industry, ultimately minimising their risk and exposure. Virtual Manager serve a range of industries including commercial cleaning, dangerous goods, environmental services (hospitals), hospitality, human resources, local councils and strata management.

V2i. The V2i Group is a multi-award-winning creative studio and software developer providing innovative design and technology-based solutions to high-profile national and international clients.V2i are passionately focused on transforming industries through the power of creating a common visual language and innovative software tools that dramatically improve business and stakeholder outcomes through  3D visualisation and software products for the mining and resources, health and eLearning sectors.


Willsurety.  The Willsurety platform manages wills, estate planning and life insurance policies to alleviate issues and disputes that can occur when the latest versions of wills have not been appropriately registered or where beneficiaries have been unaware of life insurance policies in place when loved ones have passed.


XM2.  XM2 leverages leading-edge drone and payload technology to solve problems in complex environments.   With a recognised leadership position in aerial cinematography, XM2 provides innovative solutions across diverse industries and organisations globally.   

xtreme IT .   Xtreme is a leading IT company, specialising in innovative, reliable solutions for hospitality and tourism businesses, our friendly and professional team is dedicated to making IT easy.



Zon Customs Brokers.  Zon Customs Brokers Australia has a passionate vision and goal to provide a Global Freight Forwarding Service that is continually proactive with saving people’s business from losing unnecessary time and money due to being advised incorrectly when Exporting or Importing  into Australia. Zon’s is now one of Australia’s leading Customs Brokers and International Freight Management companies that continually cares about building better business relationships.

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