10:00 am - 11:30 am

May 5

Attending one of these incredible workshops offers an opportunity in first-class business skills, whether you are already running a business, wanting to start or just looking to gain some new knowledge of the business industry. By participating in these workshops and learning effective skills, you open a world of possibilities for where you can take your business.

With a practical hands on approach to learning, we give you innovative tools, fresh knowledge and room for networking with various business connections.

Customer & Messaging: Intentional stories to communicate your business post-COVID

COVID has impacted the global economy, our business communications and our way of life. It has seen an unprecedented adoption of online behaviours, tools and transactions. What would have otherwise taken a decade to accomplish or be foreseen as almost impossible, has now been normalised, rapidly overruling the naysayers and resistance to the digital transformation of our world.

As we adjust to working from home, working with the remote toolset, schooling our kids and social isolation, the question is now being asked – what will your new business model, product, service or offer be, and what strategies do you have in place to re-emerge and reboot your business post-pandemic?

COVID self isolation is giving us the time to reflect and refresh our business offer, consider opportunities for innovation and address what we want our ‘new normal’ to look like.

For every business founder, there are a plethora of unanswered questions, but few as intentional as understanding the customer, what drives them and our messaging to help them engage with us. At the early stage many business founders are asking:

  • How does my customer process my offer, post-COVID-19?
  • What triggers them to react and drive the outcome we seek?
  • What does my customer messaging look like?
  • What does my founder impact messaging look like?
  • How can I be really intentional and design ahead for these situations?
  • In response to this, GC Hub and Bernard Schokman are joining forces to present a practical workshop to consider the above and more, helping you to define your own unique customer messaging strategies!

About Our Speakers:

Bernard Schokman

Bernard is somewhat of a ‘unicorn’ – having started his career as a full-stack software developer he spent time as a technical business analyst before moving into a career of design, at the time with thanks to his rapid prototyping skills. He has since worked for some of the biggest brands in Australia including Telstra, RMIT, Bullseye and more. Through the process of exploring personal passions and book writing, Bernard discovered a newfound thirst for business and design thinking, which led to the launch of his consulting company, Design Moshpit.

Design Moshpit delivers on outcomes using Design Thinking and Billboards. These life-sized wall posters systematically help project teams communicate, collaborate, make group decisions, prioritise and ‘get on the same page’.