Innovate 4 Impact: Experience the Future of Leadership

1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

May 17

Calling All Change Makers

Are you one of the new breed of entrepreneur’s or small businesses aiming for profit, while simultaneously helping the planet and people in need?

Do you consider yourself a leader in business and your industry?

Are you positioned to turn your dream into extraordinary success?

Did You Know?

We’ve Seen More Billionaires Created in The Past 10 Years … Than in The Rest of History Combined

And right now a “perfect storm” of global events is building, one that will ultimately open the most lucrative window of opportunity our world has ever seen.

When this storm hits, we’ll see more opportunities to create billion-dollar companies than ever before. And the innovations we make will dictate the trajectory of the human race for decades to come.


Research is highlighting, that more and more entrepreneurs want to step up as leaders and make a difference, but they lack the critical strategic thinking, business skills and mind set to give them the best chance of lasting the distance; even if they’ve been in business for a while.

We also know that managers and leaders in large organisations lack the agility, entrepreneurial leadership capabilities and renewed visions needed to ensure their organisations thrive through this inevitable transformation.

During this informative, fun and interactive workshop, you are going to EXPERIENCE what it actually FEELS like take your beliefs, values and visions and translate them into real business decisions and actions to create the new business models, products and services of the future. You’ll leave this workshop, ahead of the game.

What You’ll Learn:

You will:

  1. Experience what it takes to challenge old paradigms and create new models of business aligned with your personal and business vision.
  2. Understand what it means to be a business leader today.
  3. Understand the challenges and benefits of business innovation.
  4. Gain insight into the latest research identifying changing industry and consumer trends opening up an estimated 26 trillion dollar opportunity
  5. Learn from the mistakes of failed innovations, social enterprise and profit for purpose enterprise.

All with a view to fast tracking your success.


36 Laver Dr
Robina, Qld 4226 Australia