Transformative Technology. Building the Australian TT Ecosystem.

5:30 pm - 8:00 pm

February 28

Are you working on medically and scientifically validated technologies supporting mental health, emotional wellbeing, and human thriving?

About this Event

Transformative Technology Community, is an international community with the mission of supporting entrepreneurs and innovators who are leveraging technology to enhance and boost population’s wellbeing, mental health and joy.

Last year, they hosted their 4th Conference in Palo Alto with 700+ attendees and 30+ sponsors, including Deloitte, Evolve Foundation and Elevation Capital. They also run their first International Entrepreneurial Program: TTAcademy. More than 1000 applicants from 5 continents and over 700 participants took part at the TTA, and they are setting the stage for the International Local Chapters of which they are establishing one in Australia on the Gold Coast.

Transformative technology Community are planning to host small monthly meetups starting in February.

The intention is to gather, connect, and inspire our global community in order to stimulate the development of scalable transformative technologies.


Over the last few years, we’ve seen major advances in science and technology that reveal even more of the human mind, body, and how it can interface to broader society and the world in ways that help all of us to thrive. We’ve also seen how tech can have less desirable consequences on the social fabric and human connection.

What is the path forward to a future where tech truly supports human flourishing and exponential wellbeing? While no one knows exactly – we continue to join together to thoughtfully envision, iterate, and build it.

Together, we are a collaborative community of innovators dedicated to Transformative Tech. Together we can explore, iterate, and be deeply present to the responsibility and ethics that comes with making powerful tools to support the human experience.

We invite you to join with us at our Transformative Tech Queensland Chapter to co-create an unforgettable gathering of minds and hearts determined to play our part.

Hosted by Troy Haines, our inaugraul meetup is an interactive style event featuring 2 world class Trans Tech Entrepreneurs who will share their stories, you will have the chance to ask questions and meet fellow Transformative Technology Entrepreneurs and Innovators working with a number of different technologies, at various stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

Our TT Entrepreneurs Speakers

Kim Serafini – CEO and Founder of Positive Prime

Kim is the world’s leading expert on how to become Positively Primed within 3 minutes and why this is important for accelerated learning & development, peak performance, engagement, pro-social behaviour, mental health, resilience, innovation & creativity. Her entrepreneurial endeavours, community service, corporate work, research & development projects, plus writing, speaking, teaching, coaching & healing passions make for a fascinating journey!

Henry Boultan – CIO and Co-founder of Focus Band

Henry is the Chief Innovation Officer at FocusBand, a wearable brain sensing headset that measures and trains the mental process, to change the result, to rewire the belief. It becomes a closed loop system. The headset and app provides neurofeedback and allows you to experience the optimal desired brainwave state using audible and visual feedback.

$20 – $30

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Robina, Qld 4226 Australia