Mentor Registration

Mentors are an important part of the team at Gold Coast Innovation Hub, the effort and dedication of our mentors help us achieve our goals here of building a collaborative and cohesive start up ecosystem on the Gold Coast.

The Role of Mentors

A mentor can help members in a variety of ways – from helping them write a business plan, going through their marketing strategy, helping them set up a method of accounting and advertising, or assisting them with presenting their idea to venture capitalists who are looking to invest in exciting new business opportunities. It is not essential for the entrepreneur to understand every aspect of the business world, the skilled mentor will give their time free of charge to assist young, entrepreneurial or aspirational people who have a concept or idea for a business by helping them make it a deliverable reality. A mentor is an individual who is experienced in business and wishes to assist others with getting their ideas for a company off the ground.

There are no formal qualifications required to become a startup mentor, although fairly obviously, the candidate should have created and managed at least one of their own businesses in the past. As the young and idealistic entrepreneurs are seeking advice, it is essential that the mentor is sufficiently equipped in terms of knowledge and experience, and not necessarily a towering raft of college or university diplomas and certificates, which signify a grasp of theory fundamentals but no real world application.

If you would like to contribute to the Gold Coast Innovation Ecosystem in the capacity of a mentor, please complete the form below: