Refer A Member

Refer A Member - Make Some $$

Know a great business that would benefit from being part of the vibrant GC Hub Community?

If you know a business doing great things, help them and help us by referring them to be part of the GC Hub Community.  If they take up a membership we’ll reward you with 10% of their monthly membership fee for up to 6 months!  

Complete the form below and we’ll be in touch.


Who can submit a referral?

Initially we will only be offering this program to existing members and partners of GC Hub, we will look at expanding the program out once our processes have been tested and refined from both the referrer and referral member perspective.

What information do you need me to provide for my referral?

We need full contact details for your referral including business name, email and phone number.  We also ask that you provide as much information on the business and the nature of your connection so that out community managers can be fully informed when they reach out to your contact.

Can I manage the communication with my referral?

YES!  Just make a note when you enter your referral.  You are welcome to conduct your own tour and to facilitate the meeting and conversation with our community manager – we will work with whatever feels most comfortable for you and your relationship with your contact.

Is there a limit to how many people I can refer?

No. The more people you refer to GC Hub, the more you can earn!   Our goal is for you to add new members who will make the GC Hub community stronger.

What do I get if I successfully refer someone?

You’ll earn 10% of your referral’s commencement membership fee, each month, for up to 6 months. Unless otherwise arranged, this will be applied as a credit to your membership or partner account and if you’ve referred more than you spend, we will transfer you the money!