Startup Hub Workshop Series

The Startup Hub Online Workshop Series provides startup founders with practical tools, processes and strategies to grow your business.

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub and The Workshop Mechanic have teamed up to deliver 12 months of online workshops designed to help you to grow and scale your business.

Customer Journey Workshop

Friday, April 23rd

Utilising online collaboration, planning and management tools, each month we focus on a new element of the startup journey, this month, we are focussed on the Customer Journey.

The workshop will show you how to document and illustrate your customer journey with the Miro cloud collaboration tool.

  • Create a customer persona.
  • Frame your customer journey with the key phases, stages and steps your customer will go through.
  • Identify the common touch points and the jobs you need your customer to do.
  • Draw out what happens in your company to support customer jobs.
  • Map milestones, magic moments and money moments for each journey step.
  • Define what customer and company success looks like.