Startup Onramp Gold Coast

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Extended to SUNDAY 15th March 2020
PROGRAM DATES: Start WEDNESDAY 18th March 2020 with special guest facilitator – Colin Kinner
PROGRAM COST: $998 upfront for the 12-week program or 12 weekly payments of $85 (use promo code PAYMENT PLAN at checkout and we will contact you to set up the payments)

Whether you’re a startup founder at the beginning of the startup journey holding a day job or whether you’re already cranking it full time in your new company in order to penetrate your market, Startup Onramp is your perfect partner.

As you’d already know, coming up with a great startup idea is one thing, but quitting your day job and starting a profitable company takes an entirely different set of skills. Anyone who wants to take their startup idea to a full blown reality will need to have a particular databank of knowledge, resources and skills in order to succeed, and that’s what you’re about to get access to. We created the Startup Onramp program to give new and aspiring startup founders the knowledge, skills and connections they need to successfully get their startup powering through it’s first year.

Startup Onramp, hosted by the GC Innovation Hub is your perfect partner because we’ll provide you firsthand with the knowledge, the tools and the resources that will equip you with the essential tools to turn that dream you’ve got into reality. We’ll put in your hands a whole range of tools and resources and give you access to a global network of startup founders, mentors and investors while also providing you with one on one mentoring sessions to help you step by step along the way.

In as little as 12 weeks we’ll have you thinking about and approaching your startup from directions that you haven’t even considered yet, and what’s more is that by the end of 12 weeks you’ll be equipped and ready to launch your idea, or boost your startup much further down the road to success than you would without our help.  


Want to know more about what we’ll provide as your perfect partner?

You’ll immerse yourself in 12 weeks of two-hour workshops each week as well as give you specialised weekly on on one mentoring sessions. What’s more, is at the end of the 12 weeks you’ll get the opportunity to pitch your idea to other entrepreneurs and potential investors.

Below is a breakdown of all the areas we’ll be covering in order to help get your startup firing on all cylinders.

Week 1 – Introduction to startups
Introduction and ground rules
The difference between a startup and a small business
Disruptive innovation
Startup terminology
Tapping into the local startup community

Week 2 – Distinguishing successful startups from failures
What a viable startup idea looks like
Your idea doesn’t need to be perfect
Traits of successful startup founders
Common pitfalls and mistakes

Week 3 – Value Proposition, Branding
Elements of a value proposition
How to use the Value Proposition Canvas
Principles of good startup naming and branding

Week 4 – Validation part 1
The lean startup approach: build, measure, learn
Using the lean canvas to hypothesise a business model
Using the Validation Board to systematically test assumptions and develop a viable business model

Week 5 – Validation part 2
Conducting customer interviews to understand customer needs
Validation of hypotheses by getting out of the building
How to make sure you’re building a product that customers want

Week 6 – Legal basics, PR basics
Getting the company legal structure right from the beginning
Negotiating a sensible equity split between co-founders, vesting of founder shares
How to obtain legal advice cost-effectively
How to get media coverage without spending a lot of money
How to work with PR professionals

Week 7 – Product development
Building a minimum viable product
Finding a technical co-founder vs outsourcing
How to use an MVP to validate assumptions
Introduction to UX and UI
User-centric design, user journeys, building products that users will love
How to work with designers

Week 8 – Customer Acquisition
Introduction to digital marketing / growth hacking
How to acquire customers
Cost of Acquiring Customers vs customer Life Time Value
Virality, paid vs unpaid, understanding growth levers

Week 9 – Raising money from investors
How investment works
Different types of investors
What are investors looking for

Week 10 – Introduction to pitching
What makes a compelling startup pitch
Different formats and examples
Pro tips and common mistakes

Week 11 – Mechanics of Investment
Financing legal docs, term sheets, investment terms
Dilution, cap tables

Week 12 – Pitch practice
Feedback on pitches
Program wrap-up and discussion about next steps, accessing the local startup ecosystem