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The Gold Coast Hub provides connections, education, resources and support to all members of the innovation ecosystem.


Bill is an investor, he has always invested in property but wants to diversify his portfolio.  He contacts the hub. The community manager:


  • Informs him of an upcoming Angel Investment Workshop
  • Introduces him to GC & Brisbane Angels and Founders Forum;
  • Introduces him to the startups that are going through programs related to the hub and adds him to their progress newsletter.
  • Bill makes his first investment in innovation feeling supported and de risked, investing with a group of experienced tech angel investors and with matched contribution from the GC Hub investment fund.

Start Ups

Kyle, Jamie and Tina have created a new way type of sports shoe that has a tag implanted into the sole of the shoe that tracks the speed and distance of the user. They have created the MVP, have some traction with their idea and are not sure how to further develop their idea and grow their customer base.  They connect with the GC Hub which then helps them:

  • Identify the stage of development they are in;
  • Connects them with an accelerator program which helps them further develop their idea, connect with other resources required for growth;
  • Offers them a hot desk to use while in the accelerator program;
  • Share their successes and idea to the community and beyond.

Scale Ups

Michelle has an innovative company that specialises in pricing management software for large enterprise, she has great technology and a handful of customers locally.  Michelle wants to accelerate the growth of her business with some investment funds and to tap into customers in new international markets. Michelle contacts the GC Hub:

  • Her products would be of direct benefit to a number of businesses already engaged with the hub through the partner network.
  • The GC Hub engages a key client for Michelle and helps to craft a pitch.
  • Upon successful pitch, she is granted some scaling funds from the GC Hub Investment fund to deliver on the order, potentially with additional backing from Angels.

People with Ideas

Jack has a great idea for a business, has lots of passion, belief and energy for his idea, but is not sure where to start or how to go about it.  Jack contacts the Hub. The community manager then:

  • Assesses the stage of his startup;
  • Recommends he attend an upcoming startup weekend;
  • Connects him with an early stage startup educational program.
  • As Jack is keen to learn, the coordinator also invites him to volunteer at the GC hub to get further exposure to startups and the broader ecosystem to learn and make connections that will help him further his idea.


Lucy is the CIO of a large telecommunications company. She is under pressure to innovate and keep ahead in her industry but in such a large organisation it is difficult to innovate.  Lucy joins the GC Hub as a corporate sponsor, she:

  • Provides funding for events that support technologies and businesses that are relevant her industry;
  • Is introduced to relevant businesses going through GC Hub programs;
  • Subscribes to the progress newsletter;
  • Attends demo days with key members of the M&A team.

Businesses Seeking Grant Assistance

George is a farmer who has been working on a combining technology with his farming practices, he heard that there are grants available but is not familiar with how or where to look for one or even how to apply for one.  He connects with the GC Hub:

  • The community manager reviews his idea and identifies which government agency would be best to connect with. They provide George with a list of grants to review and help him make a decision as to the best one suited for his needs;
  • the GC Hub provides George with a list of grant writers and additional resources who will help him with the development of the grant;
  • the GC Hub connects with George once he has received the grant to ensure he is aware of the reporting and information he needs to provide the government agency.

Mentors and Subject Matter Experts

Jack is a retired businessman with a wealth of knowledge. He would like to contribute to the growth of the next wave of businesses on the Gold Coast, share his experience, support them through the entrepreneurial journey.  Jack connects with the GC Hub:

  • GC Hub connects him as a mentor to relevant businesses;
  • Involves him in programs like Start Up weekend or Accelerator programs.

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