Breathe Energy

Now more than ever, people are extremely conscious of what is happing to their mind and body. The distractions and pressures of everyday life have created a vital need to unlock your body’s energy.
Learning how to unlock that energy is one of the greatest assets you can acquire, and it is something that will benefit your personal career, your family life and the community around you.
It all begins with a facilitated breathing experience.
There are few things more powerful and life-changing than a facilitated breathing experience.
What is it?


Our teaching methods focus on boosting cellular health and showing you how to manage your energy so that you can transform your health, your mindset and experience greater joy.


You’ll learn the skills to switch on for performance and switch off for relaxation.


Having the ability to completely reenergise or relax is such a powerful tool. By adopting these breathing techniques, you’ll be able to clear your own personal cache and open up the door to increased productivity necessary to be an Energised Leader.
The flow on effect is something quite amazing. You’ll feel more creative, you’ll be in touch with your own personal rhythms and you’ll jumpstart your metabolism to activate more energy and increase your level of physical well-being.
Is all of this really possible from something as simple as breathing?
The answer is YES!
When you unlock your breathing, you are able to reset the nervous system to either be stimulated or relaxed. If you don’t unlock your breathing, your nervous system can remain in a stimulated or stressed state for long periods of time. This can have a dramatic effect on your physical and mental health.
How it works
Each session will run approximately 2 hours. You’ll learn how to master the three states that breathing can deliver – energising, relaxing and meditative. ​​​​​​​
These sessions are designed to clear the cache of the scrambled human software and leave you with a distinct feeling of your mind and body being reset & connected.
What to bring
Yoga mat, cushion, light blanket, water bottle, pen and paper (if you like to take notes)
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