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The intention at these Meetups is to bring together Australian based Transformative Technology Entrepreneurs, profile them through recorded presentations and showcase them through our Global TT Ecosystem.

What is a Transformative Technology Company?

We believe it is the companies at this Meetup who will help to shape the mental health, wellbeing and how humankind thrives moving forward. We invite you to join with us at our Transformative Tech Queensland Chapter.

Hosted by Troy Haines, this meetup is an interactive style event featuring updates from the global TT community, discussions amongst the local TT ecosystem and the recording of presentations from 2 world class Trans Tech Entrepreneurs who will share their stories.

All are welcome. Attendees will have the chance to ask questions, trial technologies, get involved where appropriate and meet Transformative Technology Entrepreneurs and Innovators working with a number of different technologies, at various stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

Our TT Entrepreneurs Speakers this month are:

Professor Selena BartlettA Group Leader of Neuroscience and Obesity at the Translational Research Institute, Queensland University of Technology, CEO and Co-Founder of MiGFiT Inc, a health tech start-up, on a mission to use neuroscience and technology to disrupt mental health. She is also the TraceIt app brain games developer, and an author and podcaster that is writing books and giving talks on relatable neuroscience for the public, most recent book is Smashing Mindset and started a podcast called SHINE.

Selena is also an ultrarunner, a not very funny comedian (because when you know what she know’s about brain, all you can do is turn to comedy), addicted to life and think Australians are some of the luckiest people alive.

Selena’s Motto: “dance in the moment by doin frickin hard stuff”

Marley Brown – Founding Director & CEO of Conpago

With a background in the health and fitness industry and a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, Marley has always been passionate about social entrepreneurship. After developing his management skills in several jobs and organisations, Marley got the fantastic opportunity to co-found Conpago, a tech aged care company dedicated to innovating aged care and combating social isolation among elderly.

At Conpago, it is their mission to bring families together by changing the way we connect, which is something close to Marley’s heart. I am strongly dedicated to improving the lives and wellbeing of elderly while at the same time innovating aged care and solving the challenges of an ageing society.


5:30pm Registration and networking

6:00pm Intro about Transformative Technology . Update from TT Global and from our local TT Ecosystem.

6:30pm Presentation Dr Selena Barlett

6:50pm Q&A lead by Troy

7:00pm Presentation Marley Brown

7:20pm Q & A lead by Troy

7:30pm Wrap up, advise details on next event, networking, demonstrations

8:00pm Close

Important note: This is a community event to help accelerate the progress of Transformative Technology entrepreneurs and businesses through unlocking connections, community, feedback, funding and support. It is open to all Transformative Technology entrepreneurs & teams or people interested in getting into this space.

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