DONE Day: Presenting Online and Offline


10:00 am

Location: Gold Coast Innovation Hub and Online via Zoom

Our topic for the day is presenting online and offline

Proudly sponsored by Mell B

Your Mentor for this DONE Day is Mell Ballment

Referred to as The Deep Belief Hacker, Mell B loves to support high-performing, thought-changing entrepreneurs.

By mastering her hypersensitivities, she’s navigated to shores of calm, confident, happiness by sailing through her mind storms. Her passionate personality, combines spirituality and neuro-knowledge with the science of accessing our subconscious, to hack our belief systems with award-winning results. A far cry from her corporate, travelling Executive Assistant life, with CSIRO and PWC, she does, however, carry the focus of project management and strategic outcomes into all that she does. Mell’s favourite people seek bigger stages, those on the voyage of expanding their personal brand to global empires. She does this by teaching how to embrace and integrate intuitive, empathic intelligence, into the work they do so they can consciously support humanity and the world.

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What is DONE DAY?

DONE DAY is the best workshop you’ll ever attend. Along with support from our mentors, we will be putting aside everyday distractions and getting things DONE – together!

Instead of just listening along, you will be working on what YOU need for YOUR business.

Join us LIVE at GC Hub in Varsity Lakes or ONLINE via Zoom.

How does DONE DAY work?

We start at 10:00 am with an introduction and a workshop-style session from our incredible mentor.

Then, we turn our phones and notifications off and create a list of tasks we want to get done that day.

After that, you will get time to work on your tasks from the workshop in short (20-minute) ‘sprints’.

During these sprints, you can book time with the mentor to help with your to-do list.

If you’re online via Zoom, you can view the presentation online as well as book some 1:1 time with our mentor (spaces are limited).

A team member will do the timekeeping and help keep you accountable for your tasks for the day.

Take what you learn from the workshop and use these practices to help you GROW your business.

We will begin wrapping up at 3:30 and finish at 4:00 pm.


What time do we start and finish?

We start right at 10:00 am and will finish at 4:00 pm

Do I have to stay for the whole event?

Please arrive on time for introductions, however, you may leave a bit early if you have other obligations.

Do I need to bring a drink?

Coffee and tea will be provided, and you are welcome to bring your own drinks (and snacks, of course!).

Can I attend this live?

Yes, we have limited spaces to join us at Gold Coast Innovation Hub in Varsity Lakes.

Could I join via Zoom?

Yes, you have the option to join us via Zoom (this includes 1:1 time with our mentor but spaces are limited).

What do I need to bring?

  • Your work tools (laptop, notepads, etc)
  • An open mind to learn something new
  • Headphones for music to help keep you focussed (optional)
  • Snacks and a water bottle to keep you energised (optional)
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