Done Day: Websites


10:00 am

January 2023 topic is WEBSITES hosted by Dani Gallery as Key Mentor 

Sponsored by Global Startup Studio

If you haven’t met Dani, she’s part of Team GC Hub and she helps run the show! She’s a power packed woman with a heart of gold who has many skills including helping you to create awesome and SEO friendly content for your websites. When she’s not working, you will find her creating awesome artwork or finding Pokemon Loungefly bags to add to her collection!

If you have questions about your website and/or need to work on your website, then this DONE DAY is for you! Grab your ticket now – Dani will see you there.

What is DONE DAY?

DONE DAY is a workshop style with in person mentoring session where we all ACTUALLY put our foot forward in our business in real time.

If you need support or mentoring on the day, our amazing mentors are there to support you with what YOU need for YOUR business.


Why participate?

Maybe you are ‘sweating the small stuff’ but not actually getting ANYTHING done (are you putting up your hand?).

Every month will be a different workshop with a topic for that month. Come to one or come to all of them – we would love to see you.

Who else will be there?

As well as working individually or with our mentor, you have the option to use the power of the group to have short sessions for some brainstorming and co-creation with fellow business owners.

Get some new perspectives, maybe a new idea but most importantly, make some new connections.

How does DONE DAY work?

We start at 10:00am with a workshop style session from our awesome mentor.

After that, you will get time to work on your tasks from the workshop.

Our mentor is there to help you with any support that you need to get some work done.

Someone else will do the time keeping and help keep you accountable to your tasks for the day.

We even provide suggestions of music (engineered by neuro-scientists to maximise your focus)

Take what you learn from the workshop and use these practices to help you GROW your business.

We will finish at 4:00pm.



What time do we start and finish?

We start at 10:00am and will finish at 4:00pm

Do I need to bring a drink?

Coffee and tea will be provided and you are welcome to bring your own drinks (and snacks, of course!)

What do I need to bring?

  • An open mind to learn something new
  • Your work tools (eg a laptop)
  • Headphones for music to help keep you focussed (optional for when our mentor is not delivering the workshop!)
  • Snacks and a water bottle to keep you energised (optional)
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