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All members invited to join us for a delicious lunch and complimentary drink at THE HOTEL CBD, Varsity Lakes as you network with fellow members and take in the experience and knowledge of two highly respected, invited guest speakers.

This month we are excited to welcome.

First SpeakerDes Walsh Des is an affiliate marketer and business coach.

He mentors visionary, game-changing entrepreneurs to create scalable online business, with integrity.

Des has been involved in digital innovation for over 20 years. He is a social media early adopter, and has presented on social media strategy, including business blogging, and LinkedIn, in Australia, the USA and China. He authored the first book on LinkedIn, the best-selling LinkedIn for Recruiters, is a certified social media strategist and certified affiliate marketer.

He is the recipient of the International Association of Coaching President’s Award, 2017.

Des is passionate about showing people how to develop the skillset and mindset necessary to build and maintain a business that supports their desired lifestyle and personal fulfilment.

Second SpeakerBond alumnus, and former NRL star, Kirk Reynoldson, along with wife Kate Morgan, Bond alumna and Assistant Professor of Nutrition and Dietetics in the Faculty of Health Sciences & Medicine have founded Eggy, a software solution designed to take the hassle out of managing such things as bills, phone contracts, car registrations, and documents. The app gives users the ability to either take a photo, push an email or upload a PDF of any life admin document to the Eggy platform. All your info is then stored in one place in a digital form rather than being in a pile on the kitchen bench, in an email inbox or lost in the cloud. Important dates like phone, insurance, and car registration payments can be synced to calendars so they won’t be missed and cost users hefty financial penalties. Kirk and Kate hope to take Eggy global while keeping its headquarters on the Gold Coast,


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