LUNCH AND LEARN with Broden Johnson


Join fellow members and like-minded business owners, start-up entrepreneurs, and visionaries for lunch on a mission.

Whether you are a seasoned business owner, start-up, or entrepreneur, you will take away a wealth of learning from this event.


At his first sales job at the ripe age of 18, Broden spent the first few months working in a call centre, cold calling hundreds of people a day, trying to convince them to buy a product priced at a whopping $18k… without success.

This is where his passion (near-obsession) was ignited, and Broden began his journey of personal development and the desire to understand what made people buy (and what didn’t). He studied the deep psychology of this and thus began the journey of improving his sales and marketing skills.

By the age of 21, Broden had built a successful sales company and was personally earning in excess of $1.2mil a year.

Then one day, it all came tumbling down. After a failed business partnership, he went from earning over $1.2mil a year to being $200K in debt and suddenly not having a job… All in one day!

With a beautiful wife and daughter to support, Broden jumped straight into what he knew he would be able to thrive in again – sales and marketing.

Fast forward to today, and Broden now runs Yakk, a successful Digital Marketing Agency, that he built by cold calling from his bedroom with only $50 to his name!

Broden’s obsession for learning and developing still hasn’t changed, but is now geared towards finding ways to get better results for his clients across all digital marketing platforms. This often results in “Doing Things Differently” – hence the company’s slogan.

Recently, Broden found a new purpose that works alongside his company which is to not only deliver unprecedented results for the client of Yakk, but also to help other small to medium business owners that want to learn to dominate the digital space themselves. He covers everything a business needs to know to stand out from the herd and get customers banging on their door to do business.

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