LUNCH AND LEARN with Hayley Tarr


Join fellow members and like-minded Business owners, start-up entrepreneurs and visionaries for lunch on a mission.

Enjoy a delicious lunch and a cold beverage while immersing yourself in the experience and knowledge of our handpicked guest speaker.

No matter whether you are a seasoned business owner or start up entrepreneur, you will take away a wealth of learning from this event.


Hayley Tarr, Director of Tarr Law Pty Ltd

Tarr Law provides premier intellectual property law advice and mediation services.

The firm’s client base is largely other top tier local and international law firms which outsource their complex IP matters to us, but we do also work directly for commercial enterprises.


Companies and trade marks! Do you have an agreement outlining what IP is owned by the company (vs what is just being “loaned” by the directors to the company)? Did you get any third party copyright in the IP transferred to the company in writing, as well as a moral rights consent and waiver? Do you have an IP holding company that licenses the IP to a trading company to isolate the IP from the trading risk? Was the company the first user of the trade mark(s)? Did you register the mark(s) to secure the trade mark(s) as assets that are transferrable separately to the goodwill of the business of the company as a whole? Did you factor in your company growth, and ensure that your trade mark(s) application(s) covered all goods services you intend to provide via your company over the next 3 years? Did you register the trade mark(s) in all foreign jurisdictions in which your company is trading (eg: in all countries where your company is offering goods for sale in that countries’ currency and/or delivering to that country and/or manufacturing in that country)? If you are unsure about any of these issues, Hayley Tarr of Tarr Law can provide information to help you.

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