MASTERCLASS, Full Circle Sales


6:00 pm

ūüĎČ ¬†So what do we need to TELL?¬† when – where – to whom?

Expert Panel:
1) Marlie Jolanda // Meaningful Marketing: How they will get to KNOW you (Lead Generation)
2) Meghan Jarvis // 80/20 Nurture: How they will start to LIKE you (Lead Followup)
3) Adam Beverly // Handling objections: How they will TRUST you (Lead Conversion)

MASTERCLASS, Full Circle Sales:  How to turn more potential customers into paying clients.

“You can’t SELL anything if you can’t TELL anything.” ~Beth Comstock¬†

We all know, you can’t have a successful business if you aren’t selling.¬†ūüíł However, many business owners really struggle with this aspect of their business.

Keen to learn how to improve your Sales-System and up your Marketing MOJO to attract more/better clients and see more¬†ūüíį in your bank account?

If you aren’t rating yourself¬†10/10¬†in nailing the¬†KNOW-LIKE-TRUST¬†process, you can’t¬†miss this Mega Masterclass!¬†(We are expecting 120 attendees and we will SELL OUT, so grab your ticket ASAP!¬†‚Źį)


ūüéĀ¬†BONUS: You will be presented with Special Offers to work with our Expert Panel, exclusive for our GC Hub network.

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