This Workshop is for you if…

  1. You want to find your purpose by diving deep into who you are
  2. You want to learn how to create an online product in line with your purpose
  3. You want to learn how to design the event to launch your product into

The Purpose Workshop: A Tripple-Tuesday Event

  • Find your Purpose | Tuesday 6th October 2020 | 10AM-3PM
  • Build a Product |Tuesday 13th October 2020 | 10AM-3PM
  • Design the Event | Tuesday 20th October 2020 | 10AM-3PM


Have you ever said to yourself…

  1. “Surely there’s a better way!!!”
  2. “Surely l I can be more fulfilled!!!”
  3. “Surely there’s more to life than this!!!”


Then workshop is for you!!!

Hey, we’re all looking for something.

And if we’re honest with ourselves we all have a VOID within. Somewhere!!! A big hole that stops us from feeling whole. And we’ve all got it, but we ignore it for years using any number of coping mechanisms to quiet the drum that’s constantly beating. You know, the drum that says “surely there’s a better way”, “surely I can be more fulfilled”, “surely there’s something more to life than this!”. But instead, we’re stuffing and squashing that deep down inside. That’s why we keep so busy, trying to drown out the continual beating of the drum. That’s why the pandemic had to come. It had to stop us hard, make us pause and reflect on what the heck we’re even doing?

This workshop is for the individual who has no idea what their purpose or impact is and at all costs, must find it. You’ve likely been running the mouse-wheel with little time to think about anything let alone your purpose. Since COVID you’ve been given a gift. The gift of a pause in time. You’ve decided somewhere deep down you’re looking for something more. Something better. But what you need now is a plan, a step by step process to help you find it.

What’s included???

Day 1. Purpose Workshop – Discover you, your story, purpose & impact.

  • Create your personal “Hero Card”
  • Create your personal view of “Your World”
  • Contemplate your “Ikigai” or reason for being.
  • Discover your “Who am I?” set of rules
  • Assemble your “Purpose Tapestry” statement
  • Choose your worldly “Impacts”
  • Put your purpose into action with the next steps
  • Create your baseline “Happiness Scorecard”

Day 2. Product Workshop – Take an idea and design a digital product.

  • Identify your Product Thoughts, Ideas & Solutions
  • Create your Product “Hero Card”
  • Customise the Product-Customer Strategyzer
  • Identify your Product Brand
  • Design Your Product

Day 3. Event Workshop – Take the product and design the event.

  • Redesign your “Social Profile”
  • Create Your Event Calendar
  • Define Your Event Persona
  • Define your Super Client(s)
  • Identify Your Audience Groups
  • Create Your Event Spiel Copy
  • Select your Event Software
  • Create Your Social Marketing Cycle


What’s Unique About This?

What’s unique about this particular workshop is that this whole thing uses a cloud collaboration tool that’s easy to use, highly visual and highly interactive. The strategic plan you follow with each step digs deep and unpacks information from within your story. Now you can actually see it in front of you. You. Your story. Your fingerprint. Moment by moment, you’re building that story in a structured and ordered manner that allows deep contemplation and reflection. What’s also unique about this whole process is that you actually get to put your fingerprint into it. And it’s only when we get to put our fingerprint into something, that we actually buy into it and own it. Because people don’t own or buy into anything without that fingerprint. On top of that, the whole thing is yours to keep, revise and review at your leisure.

I’ve taken knowledge and experience from the last 30 years of building and designing technology and facilitating workshops in the digital arena, coupled it with Industry Design Thinking and Systems Thinking methodologies, blended it with my own style of conscious awareness and distilled from it “The Purpose Workshop”. A system of discovering your purpose from how you see yourself and the world around you.


Can’t I do this myself???

So I know right about now you’re thinking “but I can do this myself” and my response would be “Yes, of course, you can!!!” But the question is, will you? And will you be able to based on these steps because I haven’t given you all of them? And if you do decide to do-it-yourself, how long will it take you to? And what could you have done with the time otherwise? There’s an Investment-Opportunity trade-off in everything we do. We can invest in a system, be done with it and move on to another opportunity OR we can try to figure it out all on our own. Don’t waste time. It’s all here!!!


You have a Purpose – one life is forging you perfectly for.

I believe everyone has a unique purpose. A purpose that life’s experiences forge them perfectly for – sometimes painfully. A purpose that matures and evolves as we do, while we live life and experience the world through our unique perspective. Until such a time that we decide to search for and find purpose, we are merely sampling and experiencing life like a skipping -stone across the water. Not fully or whole-heartedly “living and breathing it”. I believe in living a life on purpose, being on-purpose, doing on-purpose and living life fully on purpose. Not just from some point in the foreseeable or distant future. Everyday!!! I believe that truly living on purpose is the way to live a whole and fulfilling life.

What They Said…

“The process I was taken through was consultative, and comprehensive and the end result showcased not only the very best representation of the workshop, but a creation and re-imaging of it I could not have achieved myself.”
| Michael Lauria – Forging Excalibur Program

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working like this over the past few months on a range of projects. It has an incredible ability to distill business problems into meaningful, simple solutions where everyone feels heard and included. Plus Bernard’s a wonderfully kind human!”.
Holly Tattersall – Digital Talent Co

“We used the process to develop a new online service. It helped us think about our product processes and elements from different perspectives and resulted in a product that better suited the needs of clients”.
Troy Irwin – Deep Travel Designer


What are you waiting for?

Tick tock. Tick tock.

You could’ve have started this years ago.

Or you could wait another few more years to start.

Or you could just start right now.

Sign up and let’s get cracking!!!


My Personal Story

July 2010 – A monumental personal crossroads.

I remember the wish I had for that Muay Thai training camp in Thailand. I wanted to meet someone who could help change the trajectory of my life, because I didn’t know how to do it myself. I was at a point where I had achieved many of the things I’d hoped to in my life – personal, fitness, finances and career.

But I was still not happy or fulfilled by a long shot.

All the things I was led to believe would make me happy, just didn’t. And when I got there that “emptiness” gutted me. Looking into the next 20 years I could see that my life was going to deliver me more of the same unless something changed. Continuing to participate in the 9-5 zombie to pursue a set of mindless organizational goals for more, so I could also amass more money, assets, shiny job role and social status now seemed like a waste of what could possibly otherwise be a more satisfying life!

And for what end???

To have done “the right thing” as a partner, father, friend or son? For more of a paycheck???

It didn’t make sense anymore.

I just had to look at the faces of the people on the train or at work each day as a testament to that. Only if you’re reading this and it resonates is there also probably a drum inside you too that’s been beating away “You were built for something better!”, “Life was meant to be better!” or “I could be doing my life better!”

Maybe it’s time. Maybe it’s not.

If and only if that’s you, then on this 10-year anniversary I encourage you to take that deep breath and put one foot on the other path wherever the heck you think that might be. If you don’t know, take a guess, have a stab, take a risk. What’s the worst thing that can happen??? I’ll tell you, you’ll screw it up and have to take another step, that’s all. No big deal. We’ve all done it before and we’ll do it again because we know that’s the way this works.

But you definitely DON’T want to keep being a part of the zombie train if that’s not you!!! I see many of you are still on it and it feels like it’s a hard decision to make. You say “But Bernard, I’ve worked so hard for this lifestyle. The kids are settled in school. I have a house now. I have financial commitments you know I just can’t throw that all away!!!”

OK, so let me tell you something a little raw and brutal.

I think you are ready and can take it in the kindness it was intended.

That life will kill your soul and you will die old, unfulfilled, unhappy and bitter. Just look at the faces on the train, at the park, on the beach or at work each day as your reminder. Listen to the conversations on the tv, radio, youtube, train, bus and at work! Sound depressing don’t they? And people get excited about those conversations!!!

That’s not you!!

But oh well, look on the bright side, if you don’t take the call, in time, you’ll have all the money, investments, assets and super to sustain the life you’ve built for as long as you live!!!

Or will you? Life’s a bit unpredictable like that, isn’t it?

And then WHAT would it have all been for???

The choice is always and only, yours!

Tick tock, tick tock.

You could’ve have started 10 years ago.

Or you could wait another 10 to start.

Or you could just start today.

Tomorrow will know the answer.


Sign up and let’s get cracking!!!


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