Transformative Technology Queensland - Meetup

Realizing Group Flow with Focus Band, Lysn Health Profile Pitch & Facilitated Group Discussion with all Trans Tech Founders

The intention at these Meetups is to bring together Australian based Transformative Technology Entrepreneurs, profile them through recorded presentations and showcase them through our Global TT Ecosystem.

What is a Transformative Technology Company?

It is the companies at this Meetup who will help to shape the mental health, wellbeing and how humankind thrives moving forward. We invite you to join with us at our Transformative Tech Queensland Chapter

All are welcome. Attendees will have the chance to ask questions, trial technologies, get involved where appropriate and meet Transformative Technology Entrepreneurs and Innovators working with a number of different technologies, at various stages of the entrepreneurial journey.

This Month

Realizing Group Flow

I know as an employer, when I hear statistics that up to 85% of employees are disengaged in the workplace, it’s unsurprising because often as an owner of the business it can be hard to stay focused and in a productive state ongoing throughout a full workday.

As employers and business owners we relish those moments when we’re in flow and hope/expect that our employees are bringing that to their day, by virtue that we’re paying them. However the reality is that most often people in general struggle with the ability to manage their attention and as employers we lack the awareness to create an environment that fosters productivity and flow in the workplace.

So we remain stuck for the most part with a general sense of disengagement in the workplace. Fragmented attention, stress, anxiety, diminished output and a general contentment that this is just how it is and if we were being super honest with ourselves, employees are often the bane of our business.

But the reality is as we move forward into this era of hyper change organisations can’t continue to function on 15%, there has to be effective ways to realise at least a significant part of the 85% of disengagement that extends beyond bean bags and ping pong tables.

Which is why we are so super excited at what Henry Boulton – CIO and Co-Founder of Focus Band is bringing to the table.

Image a low cost neuro feedback device that enabled you to know when you and/or your staff are disengaged and at the point of becoming disengaged are able to passively provide an intervention tool/technique to support staff to manage their states effectively throughout the day. Intervention techniques which naturally increase – their ability to focus, the quality of output, general sense of well being, achievement, fulfillment and flow.

Resulting in increased productivity, higher outputs, higher quality of work, fewer sick days, diminished stress and anxiety in the workplace and an overall validated metric around employee engagement which is having a dramatic impact on the bottom line of those organisations who are applying this technology.

Join us to be part of a live demonstration connecting people all over the world as Henry showcases the proprietary technology encompassed in FocusBand to measure individual disengagement and use collective intervention techniques to achieve group flow. So very exciting.

Profile TT Entrepreneur

Dr. Jonathan King is the Founder and CEO of LYSN, a wellbeing company that is aiming to change the way Australia provides mental health education, escalation and support to all those affected by mental health concerns. After graduating from Bond University, Jonathan worked across QLD, NSW, ACT and VIC as a surgical registrar in both the metropolitan and regional/rural communities. It was during his work in Far North Queensland that he noticed the health inequalities relating to mental health services. From this, LYSN was born.

Lysn currently has over 300 psychologists across Australia serving the community with mental health support and education. In addition to his work with LYSN, Jonathan donates his time working for causes that aim to improve the health and wellbeing of all Australians. Jonathan works part-time as a surgical assistant and also assists as an Innovation Advisor for Mackay Hospital and Mackay Institute of Research & Innovation (MIRI), along with being a Clinical Medical Consultant for AI Health in Sydney.

Facilitated Group Discussion with all TT Founders

Hosted by Troy Haines, an interactive style discussion featuring introductions from all TT founders present, updates from previous attendees, ASK’s, Offers, Sharing and general discussions amongst the local TT ecosystem.


5:30pm Registration and networking

6:00pm Intro about Transformative Technology . Update from TT Global and from our local TT Ecosystem.

6:15pm Henry Boulton – FocusBand Global Group Flow Demonstration

7:15pm Presentation Dr. Johnathan King

7:35pm Q & A lead by Troy

7:40pm Group Discussion with all TT Founders

8:00pm Wrap up, advise details on next event, networking, demonstrations

8:15pm Close

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