ZESTPlus Yoga Session


Learn the techniques of Pranayama (Rhythmic Control of Breath), Yoga and get physically, mentally and spiritually fit. The session will include several different breathing exercises and standard Yoga postures which are easy to practice by all age groups.

What to bring:
Bring a Yoga mat or a beach towel
Bottle of water
Come empty stomach

Prerequisites are 3P:
Patience to learn this. This is a starting point to success.
Perseverance to practice it. This is a key to success.
Playfulness to enjoy it. This is a fertilizer to success.

Helps overcome stress and tensions
Provides relief from ailments
Helps in building resistance and healthy lifestyle
Overall wellbeing of an individual

Some Simple rules:
To be practiced in the morning with empty stomach (a glass of water before 1/2 hour is okay to have). Alternatively, it can be done in the evenings with 3 to 4 hours gap after lunch during which eating or tea/coffee should be avoided.
Preferably empty your bowels/bladder before starting.
Do it with rhythm and enjoy doing it. DONOT OVERDO or STRESS.

Please make it a point to learn and do it correctly as doing it wrongly could be harmful. The instructor is not responsible for your wrong practicing.
If you are having High BP, Heart problems or pregnancy do it slowly and avoid certain exercises. Please take medical advice if you are suffering from any serious medical condition.

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