A “game changer” for Australian startups : Opportunities Open with the Startup Visa

A new Global Talent Scheme (GTS) pilot  (or so-called the “Startup visa”) is aimed squarely at addressing Australia’s tech talent shortage and could be a real transformation for our ecosystem.

According to a recent article by AirTree Ventures written by James Cameron, the main thing that Australia needs to learn from Silicon Valley is that “we need to attract more great talent from around the world”.

Silicon Valley has massively benefited from skilled migration. More then half of the unicorns in the Valley were founded by immigrants to the US together with 71% of senior, non-founding roles. “Skilled migration is critical to the success of a startup ecosystem”.

The government have put in place a new Global Talent Scheme (GTS) pilot which is designed to cater for startup hiring needs.

The “Startup visa” is a brand new type of visa specifically designed for startup companies that operate in a technology-based or STEM-related field to help with attracting top quality global talent and fill niche roles within your business that could not otherwise fill from the Australian labour market or the standard TSS visa program. Now it means you can employ talent in emerging sectors like Quantum Computing, AI and VR.

To learn more about more about this visa, eligibility criteria, application process and key terms please read the full article

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