AustechVR and Body Science Partner Together to Launch Shred AR, the World’s first Health Supplement and Augmented Reality Experience

Gold Coast Innovation Hub member and founder of AustechVR, Ken Lee, secures an exciting partnership with Body Science Australia, teaming together to release the world’s first ever Health Supplement and Augmented Reality Experience with Body Science’s new product, Shred AR.

Body Science, a local Gold Coast business founded by Greg Young, specialises in producing health and wellness solutions through functional performance sports foods, convenience nutrition, therapeutic tablets, capsules and powders. Founded on the Gold Coast in 1999, Body Science has fast become a leading Australian brand in the sports supplement industry and are the first Australian brand to work with both Informed Sport and HASTA for third party testing  of sports supplements for banned substances. 

This exciting partnership between AustechVR and Body Science is really going to shake up the health, supplement and fitness industry as it is bringing high class technologies to life via Shred AR. 

Shred AR is a collaboration with Body Science’s new Shred supplement and augmented reality, which allows consumers and users to experience an immersive customer experience and gain first hand information of products whilst in store.

This experience brings a whole library of information to the consumers fingertips as well as other features like the chance to Win Shred for a year. This is important as Body Science puts the customer ahead of all else and this experience is an example of just that. 

A bonus here is it just needs a web browser in your phone and you can learn everything you need to about this product. 

Ken Lee, founder of AustecVR explains how the Body Science Shred Augmented Reality (AR) experience came to life.

 “The Body Science Shred Augmented Reality (AR) experience came about by a chance meeting here on the Gold Coast where I met Greg Young over a beer. Our conversation turned to my business, AustechVR, and what we do around web-based AR and also our experience in learning about and using Shred. 

Only one month later, we launched the Shred AR experience. With what we know about AR and the level of engagement it actually gets it seemed like the perfect way for Body Science to promote the Body Science Shred product. 

This experience is a world first for the Health and Supplement industry and will raise the customer experience and education journey to new heights. It has been great to work with Body Science who have proved to be the perfect partner with an innovative mindset in regards to product and marketing. The experience was built with strong teamwork between the Body Science and Austechvr teams, it was a truly collaborative project and the result of this collaboration is the Shred AR experience. 

With Austechvr being a proud Gold Coast company, it was a joy to build this partnership with one of the most dynamic Gold Coast companies in Body Science who produce these fantastic products for athletes and businesses like us. Whilst this is a first of it’s kind marketing tool for this industry this experience is also a first of its kind in Australia, Austechvr will be able to create similar experiences across multiple industries Australia wide, this is the start of a new vertical in marketing which is dynamic and powerful. 

Let’s get our Shred on!”

Congratulations to Ken and his talented team at AustechVR on securing this awesome partnership with Body Science Australia.

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