City Building Seminar – Seven moves toward a resilient density

On Thursday the 24th of September 2020, GC hub CEO, Sharon Hunneybell will be sharing her observations and discussing the future of innovation communities as a panel contributor for the Gold Coast City Council’s virtual City Building Seminar.

Australian cities are becoming increasingly denser which is then in turn threatening the cherished ‘liveability’ and lifestyle of these cities. People are still finding themselves attracted towards Australian cities despite the ever-changing needs of society, including the recent and on-going global pandemic of COVID-19.

The City Building Seminar will discuss and look into the following:

  • Why our Australian Cities have become increasingly denser
  • Why people are still attracted to Australian cities; and
  • How a city can define its own unique response to their context and changes of societal needs.

The seminar will also address and discuss what the critical elements are of a socially, environmentally, and economically resilient Australian City.

The aims of the City Building Seminar are to look beyond the specifics of planning legislation and instead, look towards the larger picture of the city’s evolution to better predict the future of our Australian cities.

Tim O’Loan, Director of Cities – AECOM Australian New Zealand, will be presenting the seminar, where he will be examining the motivation on why we congregate and invest in our cities.

The seven themes that Tim has brought together explore the areas of innovation and employment precincts; culture and entertainment precincts; transit and land use co-ordination; water and power nexus; open space; governance and social attitudes.

Throughout the seminar, Tim aims to provoke thought and possible debate on these seven themes or ‘city shaping agents.’

A panel discussion will follow after the City Building Seminar and will include the following panel members:

  • Ian Hatton – Chief Innovation and Economy Officer, City of Gold Coast
  • Sharon Hunneybell – CEO, Gold Coast Innovation Hub
  • Criena Gehrke – CEO, HOTA

If you are interested in the City Building Seminar and would like to attend, contact the team at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub via to request an invitation.

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