Connecting Innovators – Inaugural Twilight Networking Event at Southern Cross University

In a bid to invigorate collaboration and spur innovation, we hosted our first-ever Twilight Networking event. Despite the pouring rain, the event attracted a diverse array of startup founders, students, investors, and community partners eager to connect and collaborate.

The evening commenced with an air of anticipation as attendees arrived, greeted by the opportunity to register and mingle over refreshments. Conversations flowed freely as participants seized the chance to forge new connections and lay the groundwork for potential partnerships.

The event officially commenced with a welcome address from GC Hub’s founder, Sharon Hunneybell. Sharon took the stage to welcome everyone to our new home at Southern Cross University and shared insights into our future plans and commitment to supporting founders and students alike.

Following the opening remarks, attendees dove into the heart of the event: fast-paced introductions. In just 30 seconds each, participants succinctly introduced themselves and their ventures, setting the stage for the ensuing networking sessions.

Throughout the evening, the marquee buzzed with energy as attendees engaged in spirited conversations and exchanged ideas. Founders explored potential collaborations with investors, while students sought out mentorship and job opportunities. Community partners offered their expertise, further enriching the networking experience.

With plans for future events already underway, GC Hub extends an open invitation to all startup enthusiasts to join the journey. Whether seasoned veterans or budding entrepreneurs, all are encouraged to participate in shaping the future of entrepreneurship on the Gold Coast.

As the sun set on the inaugural Twilight Networking event, it marked not just an end, but a beginning – a beginning of new connections, new opportunities, and a shared vision for a thriving startup community.

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