Access 7 Hours of Mentoring and workshops for just $44

You don’t have to be building a global business to get support from the Gold Coast Innovation Hub.
  • Maybe you’re only just getting started in business
  • Perhaps you are a sole trader or contractor doing everything on your own
  • Maybe you have a successful business that took a massive hit during COVID
  • Or you could be running a not-for-profit or charity

Whatever your business, if you have been thinking about  joining a support program with the Gold Coast Innovation hub but just don’t feel like you are a good fit for the high growth membership plans…

That’s OK!

This is why, last year, we partnered with Business Station to help deliver the Australian Government’s  Digital Solutions program.

For $44, any Queensland business with less than 20 staff (even if you have no staff), from a brand new contractor  or entrepreneur,  a sole trader, a not for profit, a longstanding family business  or  a  company that has fallen on hard times, can access 7 hours of mentoring and workshops.

Through the program, you can be connected to dozens of highly skilled mentors that can help you launch, grow or recover your business.

These include GC Hub mentors Steve Dalton (Tech Extraordinaire), Debby Lo-Dean (Culture and Innovation expert), Simon Horne (Angel Investor)  and GC Hub CEO,  Sharon Hunneybell .

Register here to book in your first session, where we will unpack your current business journey, identify 3 goals to boost your business over the next 3 months and match you with the right workshops and mentors to meet your goals.

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