Eggy Army Rallies to Defeat Life Admin

Gold Coast tech startup Eggy has cracked the code for the many Australian families fighting their daily battles against the office work of life – life admin.

The idea came from the Robina locals’ pain of managing their own life admin and their desire to centralise bills, cards, receipts and other documents into a digital form to save time and reduce mental clutter. They quickly set about researching and bringing together a team – which now includes an all-star line-up and advisory board – to help them build a novel technical solution.

Launching the early version of their ‘lifetech’ app in May of 2020 amid the depths of a global pandemic, the Eggy army have proved their strength and dedication to Eggy as it has grown to over 1,500 users in just shy of three months! Co-founders Kirk Reynoldson and Kate Morgan have been overwhelmed by the positive response. “Any expectations we had have been blown away. We’ve only been in the App Store for a few months and already we’ve got around 1,500 people using and loving Eggy,” said Reynoldson.

The greatest surprise for the former NRL star and Bond University Assistant Professor has been that this has come mostly through organic growth with little spent on paid advertising. “The traction that we’ve had at this early stage has really validated to us just how many people hate life admin as much as we do. Every day we get people telling us they need Eggy in their lives.”

Eggy’s app has quickly become an outstanding representation of an organically grown Australian business, with a large majority of users downloading the app on their own terms, without any need of promotions or paid advertising. This really goes to show how sort after this lifestyle app is to the Gold Coast communities and the wider regions.

And the momentum hasn’t stopped there. Since kicking off their recent equity crowdfunding campaign with Birchal, Eggy is closing in on raising $200,000 after just a few days in. The couple hope to use the campaign, which will run until early September or until the maximum target is reached, to accelerate the company’s product, funding and customer acquisition strategies.

Eggy has obtained over 650 EOIs so far and the crowd funding is aimed to help promote Eggy with an increase of customer acquisition and to also bring good people together who share the same values and characteristics that align with Eggy’s vision.

“Our vision for Eggy is to connect consumers and service providers together in a way that hasn’t been done before,” said Morgan. “Along with the Eggy Army of users and supporters that we’ve got behind us, we’re giving it everything we’ve got.”

The accelerated growth retention measures received from the high number of users is creating a positive outlook on the future of Eggy. With the help of Eggy’s app, users of the app are now able to focus on the things that matter – enjoying a better life that is family orientated and full of magical moments!

Eggy is fast becoming a popular app for Australian families and allowing users to get back to enjoying a life that matters, without the hassle of life admin dragging them down!

If you would like to get involved and be a part of owing a piece of Eggy, head over to Always consider the general CSF risk warning and offer document before investing .

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