Find out how to leverage artificial intelligence in your business at the first steps to AI course

There are a lot of news articles out there about the impact that automation and artificial intelligence will have on the workforce, but in a world where information is so readily available, how do we differentiate fact from fiction?

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub have teamed up with AIKademi to bring you the “First Steps to AI” workshop series.  The 4 week course is designed to introduce you to the technologies surrounding artificial intelligence and help you to understand how it can be leveraged to assist you as an entrepreneur and improve the business you run. 

About 4 Week Program:

The program is a blended learning model with online pre-learning and 4 weekly face to face sessions which provide an opportunity to review the online content, access additional content specific to the weeks topic and an opportunity to network and collaborate with other participants.

Week 1 – What is Artificial Intelligence?

Week 2 – Building Artificial Intelligence Products

Week 3 – Building Artificial Intelligence in your Company

Week 4 – Artificial Intelligence in society

Who should attend?

The program is designed to give people of all ages insight and understanding about the basics of artificial intelligence technologies.  You do not have to have any technical background to attend.  Small business owners, department managers and students are encouraged to attend.

Find out more and register:

To find out more about the program and to register your attendance, visit

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