Failure sucks but instructs – F**k up nights come to the Gold Coast!

We all like to hear about the successes that startups and entrepreneurs have – the big exits, the massive growth, the limelight,the guts and the glory – and when that moment comes it seems that all of the hard work and the blood sweat and tears was never part of the journey.


The focus on the bright and shiny is great, it provides the model for what could be- the dream that we all follow – put in the hard work, risk and long hours in order to get the high returns.  It also provides a lot of value to the ecosystem in terms of creating pathways, mentors and leadership to inspire and encourage those who are still on the fence to take the first leap.  What all the focus on success does not do is allow for a very important conversation about the other side of the coin- the fuck ups, the learnings, the” how the hell did I get here” or “what just happened” moments, where you have the sinking feeling that you fucked up.


It is rare to hear someone discuss their failure publicly, especially in today’s social media, picture perfect society. Failure seems to evoke feelings of shame, guilt and embarrassment – It can erode confidence and can at times end careers.


“I wish there was another word we could use, because learning from a real fuck up is actually very valuable, so it’s not really a failure.” Steffan Bankie, co founder of Public House Wine.


There is a need to create a shift in culture and mindset about our mistakes and that is exactly what Fuck up nights aims to do. Fuck up nights is an event that is held in over 210 cities and 72 counties around the world and is now coming to the Gold Coast.  The purpose of FUN nights is to create a mind shift around failure and enable a mindset of innovation. To take the fuckup, bring it into the light and learn from it, rather then keep it in the dark.


“I first heard of FUN nights I was visiting the Israeli Startup Ecosystem. As soon as I heard about it, I knew I had to bring it to the Gold Coast.” said event organiser Tiah Goldstein.  “Talking about what went wrong is not something that any one does very well-but here in Australia, not only do we not really talk about it, it also has a bit of a negative perspective to it. If we want to continue building and shifting Australian culture into one that is more into innovation and entrepreneurship, talking about what went wrong and how we learned from it will make the journey that much more accessible and maybe allow for more people to learn how to fail faster and get up and give it another go faster.”


The GC Hub are excited to be sponsoring Fuck up nights, which are launching on the Gold Coast on the 6th of April with a great line of entrepreneurs who are going to share their stories and encourage all of us to be much more open to the fact that we might not be perfect and that is ok to…..


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