Join Us For the Health Design Jam!

Come and join us for the Health Design Jam at the Gold Coast University Hospital on Friday the 20th October!

[fancy_header type=”3″]What is the Design Jam?[/fancy_header]

A design jam is a fast paced facilitated event that brings together people from different backgrounds and skills to focus on creating innovative solutions to specific pre-identified challenges using the design thinking framework.

Similar to hackathon, the end goal is to gather a strong team of people together who can create a prototype that can be shared and used as a starting point to providing a solution to the challenge presented.

One of the key purposes of the Innovation Health Showcase is to highlight the amazing opportunities for innovation, and creativity within the health sector.

The design jam provides the perfect framework to create elegant, creative and real world solutions to the challenges identified by the different departments in the Gold Coast University hospital.  These solutions have the potential to evolve into sustainable business ideas that may be implemented by the Hospital.

[fancy_header type=”3″]How Does it Work?[/fancy_header]

The Design Jam will begin at 6:00pm on Friday evening and end with the teams presenting their solutions at 8:30pm.

It begins with the two first stages of the design thinking process; Define and Empathise, where the various challenges are presented and clarified. A brainstorming session begins,which ends in the formation of teams, of which each will have a clear challenge to being working on. Then it’s all about rapidly building and testing solutions with teams moving through the Ideate, Prototype and Testing stages as they work towards the final presentation of their solutions to hospital staff and Design Jam participants.

[fancy_header type=”3″]Why Should I Participate?[/fancy_header]

Collisions of ideas, practical applications and connections are made through these events. Aside from the fact that you are guaranteed to meet some interesting, diverse and motivated people, you will also be able to work on solutions to challenges that could be implemented in the hospital and might even help those who are working hard to saves lives.

There are a plethora of opportunities to explore create new businesses, meet new people and be creative.

[fancy_header type=”2″ subtitle=”Who should attend?”]Gold Coast Hub Event Meter[/fancy_header]

[skill_bar animation=”fadeInUp” percentage=”60″ title=”Students”]
[skill_bar animation=”fadeInUp” percentage=”70″ title=”Startups”]
[skill_bar animation=”fadeInUp” percentage=”50″ title=”Researchers”]
[skill_bar animation=”fadeInUp” percentage=”30″ title=”Developers”]
[skill_bar animation=”fadeInUp” percentage=”40″ title=”Entrepreneurs”]
[skill_bar animation=”fadeInUp” percentage=”70″ title=”Health Care Professionals”]

Anticipated Attendance: 30 -50

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