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“It is the sharing of knowledge that makes knowledge greater” this is a statement Gold Coast Innovation Hub Chairman, Danny Maher has often made with regard to the open source software that he was developing at Opmantek.  The software became great because of thousands of people contributing their ideas and experiences to the core products for others to build and expand upon, and the Gold Coast Innovation community will become great by doing the same thing.

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub are excited to present a new initiative GC Community on the Go.

It provides an opportunity for Gold Coast Hub members to share their national and international business experiences with the wider community to help build global knowledge and insights locally.

How does it work?

Community members travelling to cool places with their businesses film some short clips whilst on their trip explaining the context of the visit, the economic and political climate of the destination and any interesting facts or things you have seen and done there.  They can then submit the videos to the Hub here. Our team will edit and publish the piece on our website and social media as well provide it in full to the community member for their own portfolio and distribution. Upon return to the country the GC Hub will provide an opportunity for the roving entrepreneur to deliver a publictalk to share further insights and learnings with the community.

The initiative is designed to:

Increase knowledge within the community
Provide deeper insights into international economies
Provide exposure to local entrepreneurs that are doing great things beyond the borders

So…when is your next trip?

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