Gold Coast Hub 2017 Christmas Party Wrap Up

The Gold Coast Hub’s First Annual Christmas Party gathered a little over 200 guests at Stingray Lounge at QT hotel on  Wednesday 13th December.

With an important goal of connecting the Gold Coast startup, innovation, investment and business community in mind the Gold Coast Hub welcomed local entrepreneurs, government bodies representatives, investors and everyone who has supported the establishment of the Gold Coast Hub in 2017.

Sharon Hunneybell, the CEO of the Gold Coast Hub said a heartfelt thank you for everyone who had been a part of the journey for 2017 and expressed her enthusiasm for 2018. She also announced community activity planning sessions that would be held in January to outline the best way the Hub can support and provide resources to everyone involved.

The Chairman of the Gold Coast Hub and Opmantek, Danny Maher, talked about an inspiring vision he had for the space. “If we are walking down the road and we see someone on the ground bleeding, we stop and help or even just call an ambulance so they can help – we don’t walk past – we are all good people. For some reason we do not do that in business. We can help each other directly, we can organise someone else to help –  we should not be walking past another business if they are in need of help. That’s the core of what The Hub is about –  lots of assistance from the hub programs directly but at its core it’s about facilitating and encouraging the assistance we can give each other and ensuring there are better outcomes as a result for everyone.”

Opmantek’s success is inspiring. Going from a startup to a global company with over 130,000 users in over 130 countries.  The company attracted 70 new investors to the Gold Coast with shareholders that made an early investment of $35k in the business holding an million dollar investment now.  Opmantek will serve as a replicable model for other high growth software businesses and a success measurement for the new entrepreneurs who will be supported by the Hub.

You can catch interviews and live coverage of the party from the team at Beach City:

And we’ve added a few photos to our gallery too.

Partners, friends, supporters, investors and community members enjoyed incredible food provided by the hotel and a bottomless tab that went till midnight. What an awesome night, can’t wait for next year.

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