Gold Coast’s Gilmour Space Technologies hit another milestone in their SpaceTech journey

The Gold Coast based, venture-funded business, founded by two brothers – James and Adam Gilmour (pictured above), first launched their company into the entrepreneurial world in 2013. Seven years later the Gilmour brothers and their team at Gilmour Space have hit a huge milestone in their business as they secured their first Australian customer with plans to send their 35kg Eris spacecraft to orbit in 2022. 

Gilmour Space Technologies was first established with hopes of pioneering new and innovative technologies that will offer lower cost access to space. With that vision, Gilmour Space is designing and building new hybrid rockets in order to meet the increasing global demand for smaller rocket launches. 

With the help of their first contracted Australian customer, Space Machines Company, Gilmour Space will be able to visually see their company vision as they launch their very first maiden 35kg spacecraft, Eris, to orbit – creating history for their business and also for Australia as Adam Gilmour, CEO and Co-Founder of Gilmour Space recently announced that, “This could well be the first Australian payload to be launched to orbit on an Australian rocket, from an Australian launch site.” 

Rajat Kulshrestha, co-founder and CEO of Space Machines Company, stated, “we are delighted to be supporting Gilmour’s first commercial flight and being part of this important milestone in the development of Australia’s space industry”. 

Space Machines Company is also an Australian startup and shares similar business visions with Gilmour Space Technologies, as they are developing in-space transportation capabilities to cost-effectively insert small satellites into desired low earth orbits, geostationary earth orbits and Cis-Lunar orbits.

The news of this projected launch in 2022 is definitely an achievement to celebrate as it is a huge milestone for Australian innovation and technologies, Queensland entrepreneurs and for the Australian Space Industry!

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