Green Week at the GC Hub

This Friday, thousands of school students across the globe are again preparing to walk out of classrooms to demand action on the climate crisis. It follows the strikes back in March this year in which 150,000 students marched in Australia and 1.5 million took part worldwide.  This time around, however, we are seeing the message move beyond our youth as community groups, corporates and unions start to join in the chorus.

Here at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, we have decided to show our support to the next generation as they demand climate action by declaring this week ‘Green Week’.  We will be encouraging all of the businesses within the workspace to accept a daily challenge to create a positive impact on the environment.  We will be showcasing companies within the workspace that are working to create a better world and throwing our support behind those that wish to march in solidarity with our youth this Friday.

These are the green challenges that we are setting for our members this week:

Monday:  Reduce waste by bringing your own cup to the Green Rabbit Cafe @ GC Hub.

Tuesday:  Reduce emissions by riding your bike to work today – every one that parks their bike in the racks out the front of the workspace will get a free coffee from the Green Rabbit Cafe @ GC Hub.

Wednesday:  Reduce waste by using the new bottle and aluminium recycling bins in the kitchen of each level of the GC Hub.

Thursday:  Reduce emissions and support the Gold Coast economy by shopping local.  We are encouraging all of our members to look to our local producers when you do your weekly shopping and to check out newly launched for easy sourcing and home delivery.

Friday:  Wear green to show your support to everyone marching today.

We’ll be posting updates on social media all this week, stay tuned to join in the action!

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