International Business Connections: GC Hub Commonwealth Games Legacy

While buildings and infrastructure are a visible physical legacy of the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games, there were other foundations laid by the Queensland Government, City of Gold Coast and the Gold Coast Innovation Hub that have been steadily built upon in the many months since the closing ceremony.

Over the 12 days in April 2018 over 2500 business people from throughout the commonwealth gathered at events and activities designed to create international connections for Queensland and Australian businesses through the Trade2018 program.

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub was still in its early stages at the time, but with a strong leadership team in place and a number of key partners supporting the vision, the first community for startups, technology, investment and innovation on the Gold Coast was the talk of the town.

Just over a year on and we are proud to share that the Gold Coast Innovation Hub is now the Australian representative of CAYE (Commonwealth Alliance of Young Entrepreneurs) and is successfully building new connections and networks into Asia and beyond for Gold Coast innovators off the back of the key relationships that were formed during Trade 2018 and the Commonwealth Games.

Last week, Gold Coast Innovation Hub CEO, Sharon Hunneybell, was invited to join the Commonwealth Secretariat and United Nations Development Programme’s Youth CoLab and Regional Innovation Centre in Singapore to share insights on Developing National Youth Entrepreneurship Policies.

Together with key representatives from each of the Commonwealth countries the group discussions and activities were designed to create actionable policy that will create environments that are optimal for youth entrepreneurship (under 30’s) to flourish and to develop partnerships and networks across Commonwealth countries to achieve collective impact.

You can read more about the purpose, people and activities that were undertaken in this article.

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub are committed to creating global opportunities for Gold Coast and Australian businesses and look forward to strengthening our international connections and bringing new knowledge and expertise to the city.


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