Interview with Lauren Bath, Australia’s first professional Instagrammer

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub were thrilled to host the League of Extraordinary Women and their guest speaker, Lauren Bath, Australia’s first professional Instagrammer.  We caught up with Lauren after the event to get her top tips for business owners that are looking to build an instagram following…

Top 3 tips for taking an instaworthy photo and getting noticed on Instagram?

Instagram is all about delivering quality content to your audience, so the first rule of thumb is to ALWAYS think of your audience first. It doesn’t matter what business you are in you should always put out the type of content that people will find informative or inspirational or beautiful or funny. It’s about them, not you. You might not be a photographer, and that’s fine. There are also quote cards and working with photographers and even stock images. Think outside the square when it comes to actually getting the pics! But here’s what people love:

  • Gorgeous light! Take a photo of literally anything during sunrise and sunset for instant inspo.
  • Small person, big scene. When you come across those epic landscapes set up your composition with a little person in the frame. Nothing quite puts your viewer in the scene like imagining themselves as that tiny person.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of business you’re running; your viewers will love fluffy things! Kittens, doggo’s, koala’s! Just check out @Australia to see how well received animal pics can be. #FluffyFridays

How do everyday businesses and less glamorous brands create engagement on Instagram?

The only way to create engagement on Instagram is to post great content, very consistently whilst networking with others on the platform. That means actively seeking out other people’s content and giving it a like or a comment. And remember, it’s quality and not quantity when it comes to fans. Have a google of ‘1,000 true fans’ if you don’t believe me.

What is the future of Instagram? 

Social media platforms will come and go, it’s always prudent to remember to grow your own audience on your blog and email database. However, I don’t think Instagram is going anywhere for now and it’s still a wonderful platform for meeting others and finding fans, friends and customers.

How can people find you and how they can work with you?

I actually have a really awesome course that’s just launched that is going to be massively helpful for anyone trying to build real influence. Find it here:

I also run a conference that is inspiring for all types of creative people:

And you can read more about me on my website:

And my Instagram,


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