New Premises for Gold Coast Innovation Hub

Gold Coast Innovation Hub (GC Hub) announces the moving of its Robina headquarters.

GC Hub is a local not-for-profit operation that supports and nurtures entrepreneurs and innovators at the Gold Coast. The GC Hub’s membership base and reach comprises of a diverse range of innovative companies including some of the Gold Coast’s most celebrated startups – Opmantek, RealAR, PUML and Superdraft.

“I am proud that since formation we have built a network of some 3000 innovators, created international connections and supported the growth of a broad range of businesses.”  Said GC Hub CEO Sharon Hunneybell.

In January 2020 The GC Hub vacated the building at Robina with all permanent members being relocated and settled into new premises including a new workspace operated by the GC Hub at Varsity Lakes.

“We would have liked to stay at Robina however the economics of such a large space operating at 50% occupancy became impossible to manage. Stumbling blocks are not uncommon in the entrepreneurial world and it is times like this that allow us to step back, assess, recognise how much has been achieved – and move on to the next phase” Ms Hunneybell continued.

“As a valuable contributor to the City’s innovation ecosystem, our mission is to support and drive technology and digital business growth, and we are grateful to everyone who plays a role in contributing to this mission – in particular our partners, members and notably our founding chairman Danny Maher for his incredible generosity.  We continue to appreciate your support and are excited about everything we are doing together.”

“It is important to understand that the GC Hub is a network of partners, programs, connections and members – it is not ‘a space’. Indeed, the space at Robina had three operators over its time and unfortunately the occupancy of the space did not reach required goals for any of these operators. This does not impact the GC Hub itself but it does impact the individuals and businesses that utilised that physical space and we apologise for the disruption of having to move.  We certainly had a lot of fun there together and there’s lots more to come, unfortunately it will be a different place”

For now the workspace at Varsity is our HQ, all scheduled programs and events continue to take place, and all membership offerings remain in place. We will announce which of the connected spaces (Varsity or otherwise) will become the “focal point” or “HQ” in due course, with some very exciting options being considered – it is amazing the opportunity that change presents and we thank the partners that have stepped forward.

Stay tuned for the next update.

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