Meet the 2022 PLAY Accelerator Hospitality and Tourism Cohort

The Gold Coast Innovation hub (GC Hub) is excited to announce the participants in the second cohort of the PLAY Accelerator. Selected startups are delivering products, services, and technology driven solutions for the hospitality and tourism industry.

GC Hub CEO, Sharon Hunneybell said that with the reopening of national borders there is an opportunity for innovative new companies to help fuel the recovery of the Hospitality and Tourism sector by creating new and improved experiences for travellers.

“The PLAY accelerator provides an opportunity to support and showcase a group of innovative new startups, whilst providing Gold Coast tourism and hospitality operators opportunities to reduce costs, streamline operations and create new revenue streams through new technology adoption to fast track their economic recovery.”

The participants for Cohort 2 of the PLAY Accelerator are:

GeoMe DriveThru

GeoMe DriveThru (Curbside Pickup) enables takeaway businesses to boost sales and enhance customer satisfaction. Customers place an order online, pay, and drive to the pickup spot where the freshly-prepared order is handed to them while in the car, eliminating wait time and the need for parking.


Maralytics is a performance tool that tracks, measures, and reports on marketing activities in one easy to use platform.  From shopping coupons to social media posts and recommendations, the platform was designed with the hospitality industry in mind to track all marketing activities in one place. Launch more effective marketing campaigns based on actual data, eliminating guesswork. Sales, profit, ROI%, customer and costs are displayed for every marketing strategy.

Third Place

Third Place is a marketplace to find and book inspiring hospitality spaces to work remotely. Driving the #workfromhospo movement, Third Place are encouraging the millions of remote workers to get back into hospitality venues to eat, drink and reconnect with colleagues, culture and community. With thousands of venues now registered on the site, you can now book a desk, table, meeting room or function space at the click of a button.

WHS Apps

Health and safety is everyone’s responsibility, but it can be hard to stay on top of all the requirements particularly in fast paced environments with high staff turnover, like the hospitality industry. WHS Apps have collated the most comprehensive list of workplace health and safety requirements in one place, with an easy-to-use interface that makes compliance easy.

Whats Doing

Whats Doing connects people to quality venues and events. The Whats Doing platform provides a direct link for venues to promote their specials and events to their target market through an easy-to-use mobile app. Whats Doing provides a live and localised list of everything that is happening in a local area and encourages people to get out of the house, socialise and have a good time.

Envision Hospitality

Owning a cafe, restaurant or any other type of hospitality venue is a common business dream for many people. Envision hospitality guides prospective purchasers through the process of becoming hospitality business owners in a way that aligns with their dream and protects their investment. Prospective purchasers are taken through 4 distinct stages – Plan, Buy, Transition and Grow. Envision hospitality is essential to get new businesses started on a trajectory for growth.


DYOBApp is a “Silent Disco” Style, Event facilitation app that makes it easy for hospitality\/tourism businesses to co-ordinate and host pop-up, customised dance events (inside or outside). No DJ is needed, no expensive sound equipment and events can be run with little/no noise restrictions/complaints.

Fenix XCell

Fenix XCell utilise their unique ‘Just in Time’ production methodologies to deliver an International brand offering apparel and accessory solutions for retail, corporate and custom design. Fenix XCell is currently supplying retail collections for golf and high-end life style options. Hospitality and tourism operators can create their own, high quality uniforms and apparel based on their own designs and have small or large batches manufactured on demand.


Fooderang is a new solution for food supply chain and sustainable distribution. The platform allows restaurants to become an alternative food market by allowing customers to opt in to buy raw products from the venue when stocks are ordered through a mobile app. Local people are able to purchase restaurant quality food that is not available at supermarkets and restaurants can buy more at more competitive prices as well as earn a markup on the sale. 

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