Meetups: 3 Local Tech Meetups you don’t want to miss!

We have some pretty amazing people amongst the Gold Coast Hub community with expertise and knowledge in a wide range of different areas of business and emerging technologies – many of these people run meet ups to connect with other people that share their interest.  Here are 3 new tech focussed meet ups that we have been hearing great things about.

Gold Coast Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Organised by Kelvin Ross, the most common phrase I hear from previous attendees is ‘Mind Blown!’.

The group is for anyone interested in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning including Image Recognition, Natural Language Programming, Recommenders, Predictive Analytics. Learn more about frameworks like Tensorflow, Azure ML, Watson and discuss how to engineer AI into products such as drones, driverless cars, web applications and IoT networks.

Gold Coast Blockchain

Organised by David Novakovic, these meetups are proving to be very popular with people interested in the fascinating technology that sits behind cryptocurrency.

Hardware Startup Gold Coast

Organised by Jon Sawdon-Smith the Hardware Startup Gold Coast Meetup was created for anyone interested in Hardware development, and in particular startups developing Hardware products.


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  1. Thanks for this. I’m especially interested right now in the possibilities of AI and have now joined that group and will be attending the event next week. Very timely for me!

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