Member News: GeoMe DriveThru Technology Helps Take-Away Businesses During Lockdown

Our amazing GC Hub members have done it again!

The new Gold Coast based tech startup, GeoMe  – founded by Rami Smair, has closed the gap between take-away food businesses and contactless delivery to customers.

With Australians constantly coming face-to-face with the uncertainties that COVID-19 brings and the lockdowns that follow, more businesses and customers are choosing to use safe and convenient virtual drive-thru pick services – such as GeoMe.


GeoMe DriveThru is a cloud- based Virtual Drive Thru technology that is allowing businesses to provide contactless, COVID-safe and efficient pickup and delivery of take-away products. The GeoMe app allows customers to place an order online and drive to the chosen pickup spot  to recieve their goods whilst remaining in their car the whole time.

GeoMe may even be the answer for every business, regardless of the impact COVID-19 has on product delivery and pickup.

“Even after lockdowns are long gone, GeoMe Virtual Drive-Thru technology will continue to be popular with customers that are too busy to wait for their order to be prepared, customers who find it hard, expensive, or impossible to find parking, and parents who have kids in the car – especially the sleepy cute type,” says Rami Smair, GeoMe Founder and CEO.

The GeoMe Drive-Thru technology is easy to use for both businesses and their customers. Restaurants, cafes, and other takeaway businesses receive and fill orders via the GeoMe DriveThru tablet app. It’s easy as 1-2-3:

1.Customers place their orders and pay via the GeoMe mobile app (
2.Businesses prepare the order and notify the customer when it will be ready
3.Businesses are notified of arrivals, and the order is handed to customers while in the car

“The way we do business has forever changed due to pandemic lockdowns, safety-conscious customers, and COVID guidelines. To survive and grow, companies need to be flexible, make adjustments, and prepare for the new normal”   says Rami Smair in the latest  article released on

“While other order-in-advance apps are available, they require customers to park and pick up the order from inside the store. In contrast, GeoMe DriveThru timely-made orders are handed to customers while in their cars, eliminating wait time and parking fees. GeoMe DriveThru is the first Virtual Drive-Thru technology platform in Australia,  offering businesses a new and unique channel to serve existing customers as well as acquiring new ones.”

Want to find out more about GeoMe and how it could benefit your business? Head over to or email

Are you a business operating during these  difficult lockdown  periods? Check out GeoMe today and start your free trial (no obligations or credit card details required) – it might just be the answer you have been looking for, for providing safe and contactless delivery of your products to your customers.

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