Need Help Finding Your Purpose Again? Register Now for The Purpose Workshop, Facilitated by Bernard Schokman

Whether it be in life or in Business, it is not uncommon to feel like you have lost your purpose. Maybe you can’t see your business vision clearly anymore or you have lost your passion for what you’re currently doing and you want to switch it up.

If you’re searching for your purpose or wanting to find your passion and spark again, Bernard Schokman’s Purpose Workshop might just be the workshop for you!

The Purpose Workshop will be delivered via Zoom over a course of three Tuesdays starting from the 6th October, 13th of October and then finishing up on the 20th of October.

This triple Tuesday event will run from 10am to 3pm each day and will comprise of topics such as ‘Find your Purpose’; ‘Build a Product’ and ‘Design the Event’.

Tuesday 6th of October. Purpose Workshop – Discover you, your story, purpose & impact.

  • Create your personal “Hero Card”
  • Create your personal view of “Your World”
  • Contemplate your “Ikigai” or reason for being.
  • Discover your “Who am I?” set of rules
  • Assemble your “Purpose Tapestry” statement
  • Choose your worldly “Impacts”
  • Put your purpose into action with the next steps
  • Create your baseline “Happiness Scorecard”

Tuesday 13th of October. Product Workshop – Take an idea and design a digital product.

  • Identify your Product Thoughts, Ideas & Solutions
  • Create your Product “Hero Card”
  • Customise the Product-Customer Strategiser
  • Identify your Product Brand
  • Design Your Product

Tuesday 20th of October. Event Workshop – Take the product and design the event.

  • Redesign your “Social Profile”
  • Create Your Event Calendar
  • Define Your Event Persona
  • Define your Super Client(s)
  • Identify Your Audience Groups
  • Create Your Event Spiel Copy
  • Select your Event Software
  • Create Your Social Marketing Cycle

The uniqueness of the Purpose Workshop is that it uses a cloud collaboration tool, which is easy to use, includes lots of visuals and is extremely interactive for the workshop participants. The strategic plan that participants will follow during the course of the workshop will dig deep and unpack the information from the participants personal story and journey, allowing the participant to have a visual representation of their life.

During the course Bernard will be encouraging participants to deeply contemplate and reflect on their own personal journey to allow them to place a ‘finger-print’ on it. The Purpose Workshop will be filled with Design Thinking and Systems Thinking methodologies to uncover your true purpose.

If you’re looking for a system of discovering your purpose from how you see yourself and how you see the world around you, then The Purpose Workshop is just the tool you need in your life skills toolbox!

Click HERE to register your spot or to find out more!

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