Shut Up And Take My Money: Sales Workshop

The inaugural Gold Coast Business Week has been hailed a success by Mayor Tom Tate after the 20 curated seminars, talks and workshops attracted a 1000 strong attendance from businesses and entrepreneurs across the region.


The Gold Coast Innovation Hub were proud to contribute to this result with our Shut up and Take My Money sales skills workshop.

The workshop brought together business owners, startups, small business employees and sole traders to deliver an interactive session designed to develop a sales mindset – highlighting theimportance of sales in early stage businesses and providing practical tools and systems to maximize sales.

In a global market place constantly screaming for our attention it is getting harder and harder to get your message across. It takes now over 16 exposures to a product before a customer is likely to purchase, with this figure growing to 20 exposures by 2020.

Every business sells something: a product, a service or an idea. Regardless of the industry or size of the business, lack of sales can damage the company and affect its opportunities.

The workshop covered numerous sales fundamentals to assist business owners with maximizing each opportunity and turning it into a sales possibility like.  Topics covered included:

Law of averages (it is a numbers game, not everyone is going to buy – so knowing your numbers of conversions is critical),
Sales Impulse Factors (understanding what gets a person motivated to buy),
KISS (ability to explain your business as if you explain it to a 6 year old with a short and clear message), and much more.

We also covered personal presentation skills and the art of communication, which is a must in a modern business world. Participants were talked through the 7 observables of Body Language, the breakdown of how a person perceives a conversation (through content which is only 7 %, tone of voice and body language) and how to build rapport.

The session also provided a framework that businesses can use when formulating their message:

1. “For (Your target market)
2. Who are dissatisfied with (current offerings/what keeps them up at night/the problem you solve)
3. My idea/product is a (new way to do ..what you do)
4. That provides (key features…the ability to do/have/be.).
5. Unlike (list competing products and their options


The Gold Coast Innovation Hub team would like to thank everyone who attended the workshop and expect that every conversation you have in future will now become a sales opportunity!


Keep your eyes on our calendar for more upcoming Gold Coast Innovation Hub workshops.

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