Statement in relation to 42 Innovations, Gold Coast Innovation Hub and previous premises at Robina

 In response to one news agency who has falsely reported and misrepresented information…

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub (GC Hub) was formed as a not for profit organisation to assist innovative Gold Coast companies.  It is a large collaboration and we are grateful to all partners. We are in particular grateful and indebted to the generosity and philanthropy of founding Chairman, Danny Maher. Mr Maher has donated and continues to donate countless hours and funds to assist all of us as we all know and has been a rock of support for the innovation ecosystem for many years.

In September of 2019 Mr Maher formally resigned as Chairman from the board of The Hub and in addition the organisation 42 Innovations entered in to a sale agreement with Robert Cooke who since October 1st operated the coworking at Robina as a result.  The sale agreement required approval from the Landlord and commitments to be met by Robert Cooke by January 1st.  Unfortunately, Mr Cooke did not fulfil his obligations under the sale agreement and while operating the space at Robina breached the lease. It was the belief of The GC Hub (and Mr Maher) that the breach was going to be remedied and that Mr Cooke was pursuing a measured business plan for sustainability of the Robina space. Upon termination of the lease by the Landlord Mr Maher stepped back in to support the Hub (including philanthropically providing further funds). Both Mr Maher and The GC Hub itself offered to take on the lease directly – both of these requests were declined by the landlord and it became necessary to move premises.  Mr Cooke has not been contactable.

The Hub itself is not a space, it is partnerships and programs and is not impacted by the move of space (although we all loved the Robina space). We do again apologise for the inconvenience to the very loyal members who occupied the space at Robina and we look greatly forward to more fun times together.  When it is all boiled down it is a simple case of there not being enough occupancy at Robina for it to continue sustainably, The Hub itself, all partners and members have been protected (largely thanks to Mr Maher) and for that we are very grateful and it’s full steam ahead.

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