Success of the investment briefing event at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub

Over 100 investors, potential investors and high growth business owners came together at the Gold Coast Innovation Hub last week as 42 Ventures and Gold Coast Angels – the investment arms of the hub – joined forces for an exclusive event.

The evening started with a presentation from Danny Maher, the Chairman of the Gold Coast Innovation Hub and 42 Ventures, talking about the innovation investment landscape in Australia.  Danny highlighted some of the incredible financial incentives that can be leveraged from the Commonwealth Government and Queensland Government which in many cases make the investments tax and capital gains free and can also have the returns more than doubled by the government.  The GC Hub Fund (for investments of $100k to $7million) provides tax free returns for all investors plus a doubling of returns for many of the investments while the GC Angels (for investments typically of $1k to $100k) leverage many of the same benefits.

Andrew Loch, the President of the GC Angels illustrated many of  the successful investments made by the community of Angels and illustrated that the Angel groups in Qld and Australia are working together – investors from $1K to $100K grouped together to provide significant leverage, greater and often exclusive access to key investment opportunities, greater safety and higher returns.

The audience had an opportunity to hear a pitch from a successful company that has received Angel investment and is seeking further.  The company is an innovative company in the building projects area with their HQ at the Gold Coast and several attendees have followed up to invest with the Gold Coast Angels.

The evening was an incredible success. We intend to run a small number of these events, the next will be on launch of the hub’s/42 Venture’s new fund.

We are thrilled to bring this activity to the Gold Coast – it’s time that our investment community has a chance to leverage the opportunities and extraordinary government incentives that are available to it and can now be leveraged through the establishment of the Gold Coast Innovation Hub.

Fuelling the new economy in all economic sectors, creating jobs and creating wealth.

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