Event Recap: The Future of Work and Emerging Technologies with Gary A Bolles

What is going to happen when machines become smarter than humans?

Is remote work here to stay?

What do the next generation of workers want from their careers?

On Thursday 8 September 2022, the Gold Coast Innovation Hub, in partnership with the Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum raised these questions and more with Silicon Valley based, Gary A Bolles, an internationally-recognised expert on understanding and managing disruption.

Emerging technologies

The event commenced with presentations on emerging technologies from GC Hub Director, Debby Lo Dean, and Southern Cross University’s, Dr Vihn Bui. We were provided with fascinating insights into the types of technologies that are emerging globally and both gave examples of local businesses that are putting these innovations into practice.

Keynote speaker: Gary A Bolles

Gary A Bolles then took to the stage to present his fascinating keynote on the Future of Work.

Image of Gary A Bolles giving his Future of Work keynote speech.

What will happen when machines become smarter than humans?

Gary believes that there will be a number of sectors that will be largely unaffected as there is a need for human interaction in certain areas.

Automation will replace some jobs that are currently being done by humans but, this will create new job opportunities for people who are not afraid of change; and there will be a rise in creative careers that cannot be performed by machines.

He also spoke about how the global pandemic has catalysed a “great reset” of work.

Tools and techniques that could enable more flexible workplace policies have been debated by big business for years but were implemented overnight when lockdowns occurred. Now in the aftermath, innovative organisations around the world are experimenting with new ways that people can work and collaborate together.

With skills gaps emerging, particularly in the technology sector, innovative organisations are also questioning the current hiring and education process. Why have we had such high bars for hiring?

How does academic qualification compare to hands on experience in this fast changing new world?

Do we need to think differently of the problems that need solving and how to find people to solve them?

Are new ways needed to recognise skill that are developed through non traditional routes?

For our next generation of workers, the motivation to work is flipped compared to older generations.

The old rules of work were to start from the bottom and work your way up.

Step 1 (Bottom)- Do something you can get paid for
Step 2- Do something you are good at
Step 3 – Do something you love
Step 4 (Top) – Do what the world needs

Young people are growing up with greater awareness of the big issues that affect the world and the global population. They would rather start their career with doing something that they feel has purpose, even if it pays little/nothing and evolve from there into doing something they are passionate about with a view to eventually getting paid for it.

Almost every hand was raised!

It was clear when we reached the panel Q&A at the end of the session that the ideas raised in the three presentations had struck a chord with the audience of over 50 local business owners and government representatives – almost every hand was raised!

This event is part of an ongoing collaboration with the Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum to bring international expertise to Australia.

Stay tuned for our next International Speaker Series event.

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