The Gold Coast Innovation Hub and Australian Industry Trade College Come Together to Spark New Ideas and Networks

Entrepreneurship Project

This year the GC Hub has been working with the Australian Industry Trade College in Robina to spark entrepreneurial thinking in 100 of their students.

Certificate III in Entrepreneurship and New Business (BSB30220). This qualification provides young people with all the skills and knowledge required to start a new business including topics such as financial management, using the MYOB platform, developing a business idea and plan, legislative requirements and networking skills.

GC Hub has delivered two ideation sessions at the College to help the students on their path.

The focus of the first assessment for this term is to brainstorm innovative ways to engage with local industry and promote engagement with AITC.

The importance of ideation and creative thinking

Creative thinking and ideation invite us to ask the right questions and innovate with a strong focus on the client or customer, their needs, and what you learn about them.

Ideation helps to bring everyone together with different views and helps strengthen your team members as well as helping to find unexpected areas that can be innovated.

Workshop facilitation

To support this, Sharon and Dani from Team GC Hub attended the AITC where we facilitated a workshop on ideation and creative thinking. Year 12 learned four different ideation techniques using a variety of industries and problems to produce solutions. They brainstormed, thought of the worst idea to then flip, sketched their solutions, and created a mind map. All in all, the room buzzed with lots of ideas and excitement.

Working as a team with leadership helps everyone to move forward and learn new things. Thinking about the worst idea can often be turned around and made to be an absolutely amazing innovation.

They even got prizes!

AITC teachers voted for the top three ideas of each round, and the members of the winning team received a prize of chocolates and a mini-Bluetooth speaker.

AITC networking event

GC Hub team members also attended two networking events hosted by AITC.

This was a significant part of Project 1, Term 1 for Group 2, Year 12’s Cert III in entrepreneurship and new business at the Gold Coast.

Titled ‘innovative entrepreneur’, the events were attended by a variety of industry representatives.

The aim of this project was to provide our students with the opportunity to network, build, and maintain relationships in the industry. Throughout this event, the students could connect with industry representatives and learn from their experiences, gaining valuable insights into the world of entrepreneurship and new business.

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