The Gold Coast Innovation Hub in Numbers – Infographic

New data released from the Australian Bureau of Statistics last week reveals the Gold Coast is now one of the fastest growing regional cities in Australia with it’s population on target to hit 1 million by the year 2034.

The growth rate has now hit 2.53% while Australia itself only grew 1.6% nationally over the same time.

With a rapidly growing population the Gold Coast is home to more than 60,000 businesses but most of these fall in the micro-enterprise category and over 26,000 people community to Brisbane and 980 people to Sydney for work each day – this is something we are working to change.

Gold Coast Innovation Hub’s goal is to bring innovation to the city by supporting the growth of over 400 new businesses on the Gold Coast, driving over 2000 new jobs and creating a massive $3B economic impact in the next 5 years.

Gold Coast Hub’s role is to actively facilitate of the growth of innovation and support for entrepreneurs in the city through a targeted strategy that engages the community, businesses, government, the education sector and industry partners.

In our last Activity Planning session, we asked members of the community to tell us what Gold Coast is missing, what innovation means to them, who the Gold Coast Innovation Hub should provide support for and what programs and activities would be most beneficial to our local entrepreneurs.

The results of the session have been collated in this infographic.

A home for Startups, Scaleups, Mentors, Investors, Innovators and students and the broader business community, focusing on connecting business leaders locally, nationally and worldwide, providing supportive educational workshops, promoting local talent, helping companies with investment and running accelerator and incubator programs to support business growth.

We also will act as a barometer for the Gold Coast innovation ecosystem – analysing trends and sharing our growth and successes with the broader business landscape.

We are looking forward to working with our existing community to add even bigger impact to the Gold Coast and change our city to a Global innovation hotspot. The next community engagement is coming up in August.  Keep an eye on our events calendar for the dates.

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