The Gold Coast Innovation Hub partners with video creation platform, Cinefly

The Gold Coast Innovation Hub is pleased to partner with Cinefly – the Gold Coast’s very own leading-edge video creation platform, transforming normal app users into professional story tellers.

Cinefly is a media-tech online platform which specialises in user-generated content with integrated technologies allowing for co-creation of video content with anyone, anytime, anywhere across the world!

Cinefly’s purpose is to provide a platform for everyday video content creators and giving them a platform to work with to create better videos and better stories, solely or via co-creation.

The partnership between the Gold Coast Innovation Hub and Cinefly will provide FREE access for members to utilise this cutting-edge video creation platform and our custom designed Gold Coast Business storyboards.

This partnership will benefit members by allowing them to share their stories and successes quickly and professionally with other businesses and viewers nationally and globally, with potential increase of broadcasting their businesses.

Gold Coast Innovation Hub CEO, Sharon Hunneybell, said that effective storytelling is a crucial element in driving and growing the regions reputation as an innovation hotspot.  “The Gold Coast Innovation Hub was established 3 years ago and has worked with hundreds of incredible local founders that are developing game changing technology and services – we work hard to share the stories, successes and growth that has been achieved by businesses in the region but for every story we capture, there are dozens we are missing.  The Cinefly app puts the power in the hands of our members to create and share their business updates quickly and professionally and we will be able to amplify the reach of these stories through the Gold Coast Innovation Hub’s community and international networks.”

Ms Hunneybell shared “The Cinefly app is a unique innovation being developed here on the Gold Coast – I love the fact that we are introducing thousands of local innovators to this video creation platform, which will in turn be introducing thousands of our local businesses to the world.”

You can learn more about the application by visiting Cinefly’s webpage at 

Want to start sharing your business stories with us? Just reach out at

Get ready for some awesome content being released by our members with the help of Cinefly – transforming ordinary videos into incredible stories!

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