Member News: The Pitch Portal To Shake Up The Start-Up Investment Marketplace

Many in the start-up world have already faced the hard reality that, unless your business is turning over a mean profit, investor, bank, even grant funding is hard to come by.  

Sadly, research has shown that potentially thousands of new ideas and business innovations don’t succeed due to lack of resources and access to relevant skills2 – not because they’re bad ideas. 

Enter The Pitch Portal!

The Pitch Portal is a business toolkit that features an online investment network with a difference. Instead of trading in cash funding, the platform helps aspiring businesses and entrepreneurs to connect with skilled professional, creative and technical service providers willing to invest time and resources in exchange for an alternate payment proposition.

Quite simply, businesses are encouraged to ‘Pitch’ details of an idea or business opportunity on the website portal to give service providers a ‘Shark Tank’ perspective to consider each opportunity and how they can contribute to its success. If a connection is made, an arrangement can be negotiated based on profit share, staggered payment, part payment, equity, equity buy-back or an exchange of services. 

So, why would a Service Provider invest their time? 

Apart from an opportunity to maximise current Covid-19 ‘lock-down’ time, Service Providers are being attracted to the concept for a range of reasons. For some it’s about creating new opportunities during periods of down-time or to keep their teams productive and interested. Some want to break into new and exciting industries, diversify their income streams or jump on the innovation bandwagon.  

Largely, many see how their contribution can change the course of the business and are willing to take on the risk for potentially higher and longer-term gain. 

The Pitch Portal already has over 100 Service Investors and a growing list of business opportunities vying for their attention. 

The platform accommodates raw ideas to developed business opportunities through streamed Pitch pathways. It will soon introduce a closed testing environment called The Lab, that incentives service providers to provide early-stage advice and direction to businesses.  

In addition, all registered users receive access to a proprietary milestone management tool that safeguards collaborative business arrangements and ensures all parties stay on the same page. 

It is free to Pitch and list your services. Upgrade opportunities will become available for those who wish to increase exposure and access to resources. 

The Pitch Portal will host a free webinar on “How to source alternative start-up investment” hosted on Thursday 14th of May at 9am. Click here to register.

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