Welcome to the team, Ksenia!

The Gold Coast Hub are excited to announce the appointment of Ksenia Demidova to the team.

If you are finding the name challenging to pronounce, it is because it is Russian. Originally from Siberia and after living in London and San Diego, Ksenia chose Australia as a place of permanent residence.

Starting in face-to-face sales in 2009 Ksenia went on to open up her own marketing agency on the Gold Coast in 2012 with a 25 person sales team. With the team’s effort her company were responsible for creating and increase of over $25 million in revenue for their clients.

At the beginning of 2017 Ksenia moved on to business consultancy with a focus on sales and marketing, her passion for businesses that genuinely want to make a difference, passion for sales and brand consistency has allowed her to work with both well established businesses and start ups from various industries (real estate, offline and online retail, wellbeing, fitness, coaching, integrated dentistry, Virtual Reality, online apps).

Ksenia is looking forward to sharing her expertise in sales, marketing and business development with community members of the Gold Coast Hub when the physical space opens.  In the meantime she will be working with the management team to deliver a number of upcoming initiatives including our inaugural annual Christmas party, the first round of community engagement sessions and the forming of the committees that will drive the Gold Coast Hub Activity plan for 2018.

Welcome aboard Ksenia!

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