What Our Members Love About The GC Hub

There is no doubt about it… we all need a community and a sense of belonging. Whether an introvert or an extravert, it’s an attribute which is ingrained into our DNA. Being a small business owner or an entrepreneur starting out can be a very isolating experience, especially if you’re working by yourself from home. Combine this with distractions which we have in our homes, ranging from our partners, children, pets, or even that pile of dishes on the sink – it all builds up in the back of the mind, blocking creativity and entrepreneurial potential.

Having a sense of community surrounding you while you work can not only improve your productivity levels, mental wellbeing and creativity, but also provides confidence and a degree of familiarity as you tread your entrepreneurial path, walking alongside others on their own entrepreneurial journey. A community around you means you’re not alone. This is also why many of our members have chosen the GC Hub to base their businesses from. Some choose to work from the workspace every day, some drop in when they are in need of some human connection, some work from the space when they have meetings, some enjoy the online support and connection provided through our online platforms – but for all of our members, the greatest benefit of being part of the GC Hub is the community.

This was confirmed when we recently asked our members “Why do you love the GC Hub?” Here are the responses:

“To enter an environment where you feel obliged to grow your business. The network and the guidance from everyone” ~ Marcus, Enhanced Digital

“I really wanted mentors and a space away from home to concentrate.” ~ Rachael, House of Eden Studio

“A hub of people who help motivate each other just by having a common goal to be more proactive, productive and learn from each other. Mateship.” ~ Al, EyeCatcha Promo Products

“I first came to the Hub to get a meeting space so I could look bigger and more professional than I was…I had no idea how important the team would become to me, and how great it was to be surrounded by positive and motivated entrepreneurs, all real, ordinary people giving it a real go to pursue an ambition and not simply working for “da Man” in a 9 to 5 [job]” ~ Lee, MyTag

“[Due to COVID-19] the team is really struggling to stay motivated and productive at home. [There are] so many distractions at home so productivity is low. Going into the hub is motivating and you’re surrounded by awesome, talented, friendly people. Feels energizing in the hub and creative.” ~ Joe, Digital Junkies

The year of 2020 has been a bumpy ride; however, there has been one constant throughout all of the mayhem and that is our connection with our members – our community.

 It’s been a couple months of purely online interaction now and we are so proud to have been able to maintain and grow our member base during that time, with 6 of our members launching new products and services despite the economic slowdown.  The GC hub workspace will re-open again (in accordance with Queensland’s COVID-19 safety rules and regulations) on Monday 18 May (strictly 10 people max). Members, please contact Sam Coen when you are ready to start working back at the Hub!

If you’re interested in becoming part of our community virtually or via desking options at our Varsity Lakes Workspace, you can register your interest here.

A big thank you to our amazing GC Hub team and community for standing strong together during these unusual times!

Written by Natasha Irianto – Workspace Administrator, Gold Coast Innovation Hub

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